Autumn’s Blessing

I mentioned the other day that we finally {!} found a van…we are thrilled. That the Lord had it waiting near where Tyler and Sarah lived – wow! That was the best…so the question came in…how and when should Dw go to get the van? Tyler is on leave at the moment and was more than willing to help Dw drive it back. Besides Dw is leaving soon for Africa.

Sunday after church we got to thinking….the best thing to do would be for Dw and Graham to get that van back as quick as possible, since I have to head to Denver on Thursday to take Jubilee for surgery on Friday. So we hopped on the internet and found a really cheap one-way flight out of Albuquerque, which is a four hour drive away. But we still couldn’t figure out how to do it.

If Dw and Graham flew out of ABQ, that would leave his truck there – four hours away!

I told Dw that I would happily load the kids up and we could all drive he and Graham to ABQ, spend the night in a hotel and I would drive the 6 kids home in the AM. Dw & Graham would hop on their flight at the same time.

Dw felt that it was too exhausting for me. {I love when husbands are paying attention – cause I was dreading the thought, but didn’t tell him that cause I knew we had to figure it out.} I had just been to Denver a few days before, I’m going again in a few days and I had spoken at two services earlier that day and prayed with many people after – emotionally I was also spent.

Autumn was hanging out at the house and heard this conversation and volunteered to help. She works for the airlines and has free flight privileges. {Dw and I, as her parents, also have free flights, but sometimes the planes are full and they can’t be used, or the cities that her airlines go to aren’t where we need to go….and besides we have to fly ‘standby’.}

Autumn was so sweet. She couldn’t help Sunday night, because she had to work, but she has Tuesdays off {her only day}. Her and daddy figured it all out….Dw & Graham booked the flight and drove to ABQ where they caught an early morning flight to where Ty and Sarah live. Then this morning {on her only day off} Autumn was here at 5 am dropping off her babies…
you’ve met her babies…

and Polly {as in Polly Pocket}…….
Jubilee hamming it up….Isaiah had to get on it when I was taking the pics this AM of my “grandpets”…

Nelly wants some attention too…

After dropping off her babies….Autumny caught a 6 am flight to Denver, then from there caught a flight to ABQ and then caught a shuttle to the hotel where Dw and Graham had parked the car….and now is driving daddy’s truck the four hours home. I am so grateful for her loving kindness in helping us out on her only day off….just cause she loves us so much.

In the meantime Dw and Graham have been enjoying visiting with Tyler and Sarah. Dw told me this AM that Ty and Sarah get along so well it reminds him of us when we were first married. How this mama and daddy’s heart rejoices!! Anyway, later today the three men of mine will begin the journey toward home. It’s about a 22 hour drive I guess.

You guys know what buddies Emmy and Tyler are….so yesterday Emma told Ty that she was jealous that she wasn’t invited. He said, “Well Em, if you could pee in a gatorade bottle we’d have let you come.” On second thought, maybe being invited would be considered highly over-rated.

Lastly, an update on Autumn….she has just had tests rerun as her symptoms are driving her crazy. The symptoms are obnoxious!! She also feels yukky much of the time. They are now talking about surgery. I will keep you posted and special thanks to all who have recently asked how she is doing or have been praying for her. She is our blue-eyed treasure and we are tired of it for her.

17 thoughts on “Autumn’s Blessing

  1. what a blessing Autumn is! What a funny comment about the gatorade bottle. One time, my parents, one of my sisters, my 5 or 6 year old nephew and I went on a road trip from NC to Maine. Needless to say, my nephew had to use a bottle. lol! He is one of those kids that had to go every ten minutes it seemed! LOL.

    p.s. I've been thinking about Autumn a lot lately. praying for her

  2. what a sweet heart she has, and i love how you all work together so wellโ€ฆ will be praying for jubilee's surgery. one step closer though!
    praying for autumn, too. what a bummer. hope they find an appropriate solution soon!!

  3. Hey Linny,

    Praying about EVERYTHING –

    Jubilee's surgery,
    your guys traveling for 22 hours,
    the symptoms Autunm's expereincing,
    and for you – mom of many!

    By the way, please thank Emma and Liberty for helping watch their little sibs so you could come to the meeting. Such a blessing!!


  4. WOW!! Lots of praying for your family and sweet Autumn with her upcoming tests and Jubilee's surgery!!!!

    Since I'm fairly new to your blog, have you ever posted about your journey to Liberty? She is so darling by the way…


    PS. We are LOA after 38 days…We should be getting our sweet Madelyn at the end of JUNE!!!! PRAISE JESUS!

  5. HI what a fabulous girl Autumn is for that- wonder where she learnt that willingness from! You guys inspire me as a parent.
    Praying for the guys driving back. That they'll be in a pocket of protection in the van,so that whatever they encounter along the way it won't touch them!

  6. Autumn is so sweet! And I will be praying for her health. I have asked Him to give doctors wisdom, and to show Autumn exactly what is wrong and what to do so that she can be restored back to health, and for complete healing.

  7. Linny,
    My 18 yr. old son was getting ready to join the Marines when I read your blog about the Escape Average internship; now Gabriel is applying to that instead. Your blog came the day I prayed for God's leading for Gabriel.
    So excited,

  8. So sorry to hear that Autumn's symptoms are so awful. Praying they go away. And nothing is cuter than Isaiah's face pressed up to the camera. ๐Ÿ™‚

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