Thank You Sweet Friends….This Thankful Thursday

Short and sweet:
Humbled, amazed, grateful, overwhelmed by God’s mercy…….thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are true friends. Your heartfelt love and prayers are beyond words. It has been amazing to me that several of you also have Hashimoto’s Disease. Wow!! Between 147 tender and thoughtful comments and more than a couple dozen emails – I am blown away with your love and prayer support. Probably like you, I find myself continually amazed how God has knit so many hearts together…..kindred hearts, through this thing called the internet. How gracious of our mighty God….wish you all could come sit on my porch and have some coffee with me {with a dab of half and half, of course}….
I will go for testing for the other thing the doc thinks I have, tomorrow. When he told me that he thought I had this, I said, “My Rheumatologist in Richmond told me the same thing, although he never tested me that I am aware.” We’ll see. Also, I should be starting the meds tomorrow, unless the rapture takes place. =)

In an effort to change gears……

Envelopes filled with Crazy Love cards went out today to several of you who have sent self-addressed stamped envelopes – I have been so stinkin’ tickled seeing them stream in..Yippee Jesus!! So to you who sent them right away – MaryBeth, Connie, Andria, Sarah, Love, and Jill – they are zooming their way back to you!! And, I do believe we will move the Crazy Love start to next week. That would work much better for me, and probably for you as well.

Lastly, I thought you guys would enjoy seeing my little treasure as we were about to leave for a date last week. I have been taking each of the kids on a date alone….and this particular day was Isaiah’s turn. He disappeared upstairs and reappeared with his suit on…he looked positively dashing….the handsomest little 6 year old I know, no doubt….we had a blast…..Until….. he threw up in the backseat….{he really did! – 24 hour virus thing – ugh}

31 thoughts on “Thank You Sweet Friends….This Thankful Thursday

  1. Oh gracious. That little treasure of yours is simply adorable. 🙂 His idea to wear the suit? If so, that's too cute!

    Been spending some time in prayer for you, friend. And got excited last night thinking that all of us bloggy friends get to spend eternity talking together about how awesome God is & worshiping Him together. hehe. 🙂

    And I'm super excited to get started on Crazy Love. I've been praying about some ideas. I really think God's going to use this to stretch me.

    Praying for you and will pray for tomorrow's tests.

  2. i think isaiah just melted my heart! That makes me SO excited for the days when we can take our little one(s) on dates with each of us! I love how he took it so seriously and got dressed up in his suit…that is oh my gosh…no words! :0)

    I am SO glad God has given you so many people to comfort you and support you and even be going through similar things with you as you go through this journey!

    p.s. i wouldn't mind if the rapture happened either! :0)

  3. I too have a nice variety of inflammatory conditions. I will be praying for negative test results and NO more new diseases.

    One of my favorite childhood memories is of my annual "date" alone with my Mom. Each kid got to go to the restaurant of their choosing and then do "back to school" shopping.

    Sorry to hear that handsome guy got sick. I have a son at home the same age and nationality and another one waiting for us to come scoop him up and bring him home early fall.

    Thanks for opening up your home and your heart. I have been encouraged by you many times through your blog.

    Blessings and Prayers,
    Julie in GA

  4. ROFL, to the throwing up in the backseat…reminds me of a date I went on with my dad! We were going to the theater and I got all dolled up and then started feeling really ill at the theater (a star trek movie) and dozed off, then at the end of the movie I barely made it to the bathroom and threw up! LOL So I know what it's like…hee hee.
    It's the only date with my dad that I remember…LOL

  5. Aw poor Isaiah! hope he's feeling better now. Praying that you'll sense His presence and peace, and guidance for your appointment tomorrow.

    p.s. you look so young and pretty with Isaiah, like you're in the 20-30's 🙂

  6. Sounds like to me God has been sending you the signs you need to get thru this, besides leaning on him of course. God has this covered and he has you in the palm of his hands. God is so good!

  7. Reading and praying, not always commenting.

    We were the recipients of some Crazy love this week. On our way home from a visit to Iowa we stopped at an Applebee's in North Platte. After dinner a man came to my husband, introduced himself and paid our bill. He also gave my husband another $50 ($10/child) to put into their savings accounts. Crazy! I do not know why a complete stranger would for no reason give us $100, except that God prompted him to to speak peace into my heart. Exactly the need at exactly the right time. That's our amazing God!

  8. you are my hero.
    I love that you take your children on dates. Such precious times, they will never forgot. I am praying. I had no words last nite other than… Come Jesus. That is my prayer for you today and YES LORD, you heal,you provide, you protect. amen

  9. he put his suit on? oh linny, oh my – that gave me goosebumps. what a little treasure!!!! he'll make some lucky woman a very good husband some day! Just shows you how much the little guy loves and treasures his awesome mama!

  10. There's a new country song out called "Love Like Crazy". I think of you every time I hear it! It says, "Never let your prayin' knees get lazy & love like crazy"

  11. Your little guy always melts our hearts! Sorry he got sick. Hope he is better.

    We will continue to lift you up in prayer sweet friends.

    This will help you feel better – head on over to our family blog to see what our kids at our church and other generous folks did for the orphans in China at the Philip Hayden Foundation during our VBS! Totally awesome God we serve!!

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

  12. What a handsome boy with a gorgeous smile.
    Linny I too have Hashimoto's disease, I was diagnosed 11 years ago after I had my 5th child, my numbers were very high like yours. I've been on meds ever since, have had to switch a couple of times, but for the most part I've learned to live with it and praise God I am fine.
    I will pray for you.

  13. such a sweet picture. love the flowers. you look beautiful. isaiah has the most precious smile ever.

    sorry he spewed. that's an awful nice suit for that :o(
    hope he's feeling better.

  14. Beautiful picture! I just love Isaiah's heart!! He's a gentleman already! I pray that kind and gentle spirit stays with him always. You should frame this picture…you look so pretty and Isaiah is cute as a button! 🙂

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