Christmas Eve’s Eve

As I have been reading through the prayer requests from yesterday I am struck 
by how many people are hurting.  I’m so thankful that we have
been having an opportunity to pray for one another.  
There have been quite a few people who posted late in the day yesterday and today.  
If you are able, please consider praying from the end of the list up.  Just a thought.
If you were praying for Freedom Hollow Farmgirl’s mom-in-love….she went to be 
with Jesus today.  She is celebrating her first Christmas with the 
true birthday-king….amazing to imagine, isn’t it?
Please do consider continuing to pray through the requests.  
And for those who are struggling this Christmas, how my 
heart aches and longs to hug each, pray privately with each of you…. May God’s mighty 
peace minister to your heart, may you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, 
may His mighty arm move on the mountains in your life – reminding you that He really 
does have your back and He truly is working the night shift on 
your behalf with His immeasureable love!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve’s Eve

  1. I prayed & fasted today cuz I didn't read the previous post prior to it "disappearing." It was an honor to pray for so many needs. Thanks for letting us know about Freedom Hollow Farmgirl's mom-in-love. Praise God for His mercy! Merry Christmas Eve eve to you!

    ♥ you guys!

  2. It's 11:10pm, and I'm struggling…thank you Linny for your sweet words…meditaing on Isaiah 26:3…and praying God Almighty would move THIS mountain in my life!

  3. i missed yesterday due to my internet being down (we were in the deluge of rain in So Cal). Please pray, Linny and everyone…for baby Samuel…his father is a Pastor out here and the blog he has written about his baby and the two weeks he has been struggling to live (without viable lungs) has brought such glory to the Lord…but if God chooses not to heal him tonight…they will be taking him off all life support tomorrow, Christmas Eve. His parents will be able to hold him in the minutes after. It has been such a privilege to pray for Samuel and his family. They want so badly to walk through this bringing God glory and praise and honor. It's just beautiful… and Samuel is so precious…his pictures…oh my…please lift this precious family up as they make the final leg of this very difficult and yet total miracle journey…and to God be the glory. Will be fasting and praying over all the posts of yesterday. God bless you, Linny and your precious family…thank you for blessing me in so many, many ways this year! You are just a beautiful woman of God and a true treasure! blessings and love!Merry CHRISTmas!!

  4. Thank you so much for Isaiah 26:3, just exactly what I needed to hear! 🙂

    (hugs) to you and your family, I prayed for your request too, and will go and read from bottom up 🙂

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