This Week……{in pictures}

I took some pictures yesterday for some fun.  
Somebody asked me this morning if I even notice 3 extra kids being in our home.  
Not really.
Seriously, when you already have a lot of noise and chaos, three more is not even noticeable.
We are seriously having a blast. 
And the three girls are loving being here. 
So home schooling with ten kids at home {only Elijah doesn’t “do” school} is crazy fun!   

 For Bible yesterday morning I made home made pumpkin bars.  Remember the gazillion pumpkins I got in the fall?  Sure comin’ in handy these days.  So we ate them with coffee {for the big folks} and did our Bible time…and then we all prayed together….some of you {like Renee and Vanessa’s mom and Esther =)} were even prayed for!!  

 Writing in her journal during Bible time….

 Doesn’t Jubilee look so intent? 

Then I got a phone call that I absolutely had to take….
I was gone for about 3 minutes and well..
here’s what I found when I came back…..
Flips and somersaults and jumping and bedlam…
and snuggling and loving and giggling…
And these two have been fric-n-frac…
{already good friends, but loving that they are together day-n-night!}

These two girls have been up to no-good…can you tell by their giggles?
And Elizabeth begged and begged and begged me  –
 “please, please, please can I take your picture mommy?”  
So I obliged. 
Thankful for our little boatload at the moment…
how blessed we are!

21 thoughts on “This Week……{in pictures}

  1. LOVE your family!!! Thanks for the inspiration for us to grow our family super big and for encouraging me in our daily chaos! (beautiful chaos!) When I leave the room for a minute, our homeschool sort of falls apart as well, but how much fun are they having!!! Today's focus for us was: Household Management. LOVE that subject!!! Thanks again, Linny!!!

  2. We often have "spares" at our house, sometimes a few days and sometimes a few months, occasionally longer and it always blesses Honey and I more than I could even explain to anyone. Our God is so big!!

  3. Faith in action… that is what I see in you and hear in each of your posts:) Those girls will be so blessed by being with you all during this time! Blessings and may God give strength to meet all the current needs of all of these kiddos!

  4. Linny your love radiates through this blog! I hope to be a mom like you one day but my fiancee does not like the idea of adopting! I am praying daily God changes his heart!! Keep us in your prayers!!

  5. Thank you for praying for my mom. It means so much to me, and her, to have some many people praying for her. She starts chemo next Friday, please keep praying for God's complete healing. God is bigger than cancer!

  6. i get what you mean about a few extra doesn't make much difference. i have 4 yr old triplets. When they were three we often had a friends two kids for the night or weekend, to give her a break. So i had 4 three year olds and a18 mth old. My friends and church thought Nick and i were mad, but two extra doesn't make that much difference. We would laugh and say more the merrier. The funniest was when i took them to the mall. The looks i got of pity or are you mad, followed by are they all yours question.
    Have fun with your bunch of love bugs.

  7. Oh dear… I must have missed something big around here. Where did the three extra girls come from? Well, I guess what matters most is that everyone seems to be having the best time ever! 😉
    Looks like such a fun family!

  8. Love these pictures and LOVE your family!! Your blog post delighted my heart and made me smile on this beautiful birthday of mine! 😀

    I'm happy the three new young ladies have a safe and loving place to dwell and grow. God bless your heart Linny and may He continue to open doors and ways for you to display His love. You and that hubby of yours truly exemplify being Jesus' hands and feet. May He always provide the resources to cover your needs while acting in faith. Sometimes I'm just moved to tears at the goodness of your hearts. This world needs more of that goodness.

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Happy Saturday!

  9. Loved the photos. I'm going to start thinking of you as wonderwoman! You amaze me with all you get done in a day and now with three more lovlies, you are just going with the flow. Continued blessings on you sweet Linny and all the jewels living with you.

    Oh yeah, I am loving that hair…it'll be like mine before you know it.

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