The Story Continues – Our Little Gem’s Name

Anyone who has been hanging around our Place Called Simplicity any length of time knows how seriously we take the naming of each of our treasures. 
We pray.  
We ponder name meanings.
We pray some more.
We search.
And then we narrow it down to one or two.
And then we pray some more.
This time around we asked the kids living at home what they thought after we narrowed it down.
{The three sisters weighed in as well.}
It has been a sweet time seeking the Lord as to what we should name this precious little gem.
With great joy, please let me introduce you to her by name.
We think it suits her perfectly.
Our precious little gem: 
Ruby Grace
{with her daddy – who loves her oh-so-much!}

{our Precious Gem whose life has been spared by the Grace of  God so she could be healed by the Mercy of God in order to thrive in the Favor of God
and by the way….
did you know that a Ruby is worth more than a Diamond?
Yes, huh.  It is.  And our Ruby? Yeah, well she’s priceless.}
Please keep praying for our Ruby Grace!!

65 thoughts on “The Story Continues – Our Little Gem’s Name

  1. Oh my goodness! Another "perfect" name and addition to your sweet family! God's goodness overflows. Praying for all you've requested, too, Linny!! Can't wait to see this beautiful treasure home!

  2. "Ruby" was my sweet little grandma's name, a tiny woman of prayer and faithfulness. "Grace" is what my daughter's Chinese name means in English. I shouldn't have a problem remembering to pray for Ruby Grace! Blessings to her in her forever family!

  3. oh my…staring into the beautiful face of Ruby Grace…just praying over her…so happy…so full of awe over how the Lord has worked and continues to work His amazing, loving miracles…and then i looked at DW…oh the emotion on his face…the love…the fierce protection….his face just says it all…the love of the father for his child! Nothing is more beautiful than this!!! Tears flowing…."He quiets us with His love" Zeph. 3:17 <3 such Love! <3

  4. Congrats!!! I love the name 🙂 I'm one of your lurkers and just had to congratulate you on this wonderful news!!! She is such a blessing and will be SO blessed to be a part of your incredible family!
    God Bless Ruby Grace 🙂

  5. I love the Name Ruby, that was going to be Sailor's name but hubby said no since I had gone thru so many names before. All my kids have 2 middle names Sailor Estelle Elizabeth was my last gem.

    Praising the Lord for her. How long till she can come home. Praying the Lord to move mountains of paperwork and cut thru endless redtape for Miss Ruby be home for Christmas!

  6. I was heartbroken and ecstatic over your last few posts. Continuing to pray (and I shared your newest treasure with my family and they are praying too!)

  7. tears in my eyes as I read this. Our adopted daughter was named Grace by volunteers that picked her up at the hospital at three days old. She was born with congenital cataracts -basically blind, and Down Syndrome. Its the most perfect name. She has truly attuned my ears to the quiet whispers of grace and mercy in our lives. His acts of love, adopting us into the kingdom. Your Ruby Grace will do the same!!!!

  8. Love the name! Kids prayed again tonight for her, even Gracie! So sweet!

    Took our new little 4 month old tiny puppy to vet and it weighed more than Ruby. Couldn't get that thought out of my mind as they weighed him.

    Pray filled for your girl!!!

  9. Lonny you And your family never cease to amaze me! I love Rubys name and her! She is a precious gift and I cannot wait to watch her thrive in your care. PLEASEKeep posting pics. I will be praying for her like crazy!!

  10. Perfect! As you may be able to tell…I'm behind a day or 2 on my reading! What an awesome, jaw dropping surprise! Lifting this precious lil baby up in prayer! Sending my l.o.v.e!!!!

  11. I LOVE that name and so fitting. I don't know about anyone else but I think she already looks healthier,naybe it's because she is feeling the love of her daddy and the fact that she is going to have a forever family.Praying for that sweet girl and her family.

  12. How absolutely glorious, Linny!! She is most precious and looks so at home in DW's arms.

    Many prayers and blessings!! Sheri and family

  13. Oh Linny – she is indeed priceless! Praising God for your gem.

    janet and gang

    p.s. – did you happen to see my e-mails about our adoption and Sophia's room? So amazing! If you didn't get it, e-mail me and I will resend.

  14. Ruby is my birthstone. Wonder when Ruby Grace was born? What month? And, Grace…oh the Glorious Grace that He is pouring out over that sweet Baby Girl! Continuing to Pray for your tiniest! Love to All ~ Jo

  15. And precious she is! Thank you for sharing your journey and love for Ruby Grace! Praying for her health and adoption! Is DW still there with her? And does she have a surgery date set yet?

  16. Precious Ruby Grace – I love her name so much. So fitting for the beautiful treasure she is. The picture of her and her Daddy brings me to tears. My prayers continue for the infection to be healed in her head, and that all will proceed with the doctors. I can't wait to watch your newest little love and grow in God's love, and with her family. God bless each one of you richly. xoxoxo

  17. I have been out of the loop in Ethiopia…meeting my 2 new precious son's…and here you are posting about your precious gem! 🙂
    LOVE it!!! Praising God and praying with you!!!

  18. OH, little Ruby Grace, my heart aches to hold you again, to sing Jesus loves you again, and to kiss your head again… we are doing everything we can to bring you home soon. Hold on baby girl we are coming for you! Love Daddy

  19. these last few weeks have been intense for my family as we struggle to bring my brother's children home to no avail so far…and the distraction of these needs has kept me from visiting here. yet, every day once twice three times the Lord has whispered Daniella's name in my heart and so my prayers went up for her, increasing daily until her name was like a song in my heart! i just knew something had to be happening and all i kept thinking was "if only,what if?" yes, you had said you would do ANYTHING! God hears those sort of promises and commitments! i prayed for daniella and imagined those looking into those wells of love that are her eyes and felt peace. imagine my complete joy when this morning i came here and found her coming to your family! words cannot express the palpable relief to know another priceless jewel will be safe in His crown!!!! thank you for being Ruby Grace's new mama and daddy! thank you for loving her as you do. much love and prayers will continue for her hourly!!! hugs of celebration and blessings to the entire family <3

  20. Praying for your precious treasure by name alongside both my own precious Ruby and my precious Grace. 🙂

    What an exquisite name for this very child that God has chosen for you and Dwight!

    Big hugs…Much love…and Prayers Unending…

  21. Linn,

    your family is such an inspiration to me. My heart has ALWAYS been with the orphans of Africa, and unfortuanetly (even though Im only 28) I feel that it might be in the cards for me to be a single adoptive mother. I still pray everynight for that special man to come into my life, and even though my heart hurts for a husband, I think that it might not be the plan for me. Would you mind posting about Single parent adoption??? I figure, God put that on my heart for a reason, and if a man is also in the plans, it won't matter if he comes before or after the child, because I WILL ADOPT from Africa. Please post any information, or websites that you know of, that would provide more information on adopting as a single person…….also, I know it's not prayer time, but if you could pray for me to find that special husband I would be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you

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