We’re In

You guys are amazing!
19 stories to read about God’s faithfulness, 
I can’t wait to read each one!
We are in our new home and loving it immensely.
Some sweet bloggy friends came and helped clean 
and unpack – 
they were such a beautiful blessing and as the saying goes,
 “Many hands make light work!”
soooo true
Thank you to Delaney, Rhonda, Emily, Anna, Savina, Tracy and Michelle.  They brought food and worked hard!  Such a blessing.  Every one thought Ruby was adorable!
Anyway, we do not have internet yet {ugh}
 but will, Lord willing, 
And lastly, Ruby had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Savannah and I left home while it was dark to get there by 6:15am for a scheduled MRI.  
Then later we had an appointment with her neurosurgeon.  He showed me the results of the MRI.  The airspace in her brain is smaller – Yippee Jesus!  Her surgeon was so pleased and we were so grateful to the Lord.
Thank you for continuing to pray for little Miss Ruby.  Ruby Grace is smiling more than ever and having much more wakeful/interactive times – 
we are so thankful for the Lord’s continued healing in her life!! 

9 thoughts on “We’re In

  1. Welcome home. Thankful that so many came to be His hands and feet. What a blessing. I pray for this new season for all of you and all the little details that go with a move and Ruby's health. Just so glad you are all together again . Love Lori

  2. Miss Linny, Could you plese maybe get a post office box so we could send cards etc.? Glad you got in your new place and Thank You Jesus for your continued heaking of Ruby Grace! Janet

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