The Whole Story

Elijah was playing with my phone this morning and I found that he’d actually taken some pretty sweet pictures of his baby sister.  No one was helping him.  I’m actually thinkin’ Elijah’s got a hidden photography talent like two of his big sisters:  
On to something a bit more serious….
I have prayed about telling you all something.
When I mentioned it to Dw we both felt  
that if you guys know about it, 
then if it should come to mind, 
you could pray for it with us?
So, on that note….
The Lord started impressing on my heart while I was in Africa that Ruby’s story needs to be told.  
Things happened in Africa that I was unable to blog about.  
Circumstances that were so extreme, bizarre and 
crazy that only one thing was clear:
The enemy of our souls did not want Ruby Grace to leave Africa.  
We experienced {bar none} the most intense spiritual warfare 
I have ever encountered in my 53 years.  
Things happened that, except for knowing that I am a woman of integrity, you will not believe.  I have told a couple of people about a few of the things and their jaws have dropped. 
Truly, before I even left Colorado the Lord was telling me that it was going to be a serious mission with intense warfare.  I prepared to the best of my ability, but still was caught completely off guard with some of the things that happened.  
You will truly stand in amazement.  
I fasted a ton while there and I knew I had to.
And the hardest part?
I could not tell you guys.  
It could have compromised Ruby’s adoption.
In the midst of it all, I felt like the Lord said, 
“Write Ruby’s story.  
The world needs to hear it.  
It will move people’s hearts.  
I care for the orphan.  
I have moved impossible mountains because of my deep love for her.   Tell the world how valuable she is to me.”
So yes, I am in the process of writing Ruby’s story.  
A book.
Her rescue. 
I believe the Lord will provide a publisher to publish it.  
 I am confident that Almighty God will use it.  
To rescue others.  
To change hearts. 
 To give people the faith they need that
 God will move their mountains as well.    
It was truly a rescue – from day one when Emma and Dw found her in the orphanage to the day Emma and I landed with Ruby Grace in the United States of America.   Almighty God rescued Ruby for a very specific purpose and Dw, the kids and I have the enormous  pleasure of tagging along on her beautiful adventure.  
He gets all the glory, credit and honor.
I started it when Ruby was in the PICU….
If it should come to mind, would you pray for the book 
and me as I write?  
Thank you sweet friends….
Photos by Elijah Mueller…{that’s Jubilee hand clasping Ruby’s above}

38 thoughts on “The Whole Story

  1. I will be praying! Great idea…well, I guess it would have to be since God TOLD you to write it! Amazing and awesome and Linny, you hold us in your grip here when you write ~ just write the same way when writing your book…like it is written to your followers and it WILL GO WELL!
    ( I think God just told me to tell you that…hmmmmm since I felt it so strongly.) Praying!

  2. I will be praying! Great idea…well, I guess it would have to be since God TOLD you to write it! Amazing and awesome and Linny, you hold us in your grip here when you write ~ just write the same way when writing your book…like it is written to your followers and it WILL GO WELL!
    ( I think God just told me to tell you that…hmmmmm since I felt it so strongly.) Praying!

  3. Linny, I cannot wait to read it! I'll be praying for the writing and publishing process. Again and again, I want to say thank you for being so willing to be vulnerable and share your journey so others may believe and be encouraged. Blessings!

  4. O Linny! Always exciting news from you! I can't wait to buy the book and I will certainly pray! Love to you all! You amaze me. Every time I read here on your Place Called Simplicity! You are a blessing to many! An encourager of hearts! Thank you…

    Great skills, Elijah:)

  5. Linny,

    Thank you for this. Please pray for our adoption as well. The Lord spoke to me the other night and said, "It is going too smooth…pray and pray hard!" At the time I thought it was my own mind, but I believe God knew the warfare was on and He was preparing us for it. We need prayer for a little one and us. She needs to come home. That God will block things that need to be blocked and open doors that need to be open. I have put on the robe of righteousness!

  6. I'll pray! I can't wait to read it someday. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to hear some of the story before I read it but if not, I'll look forward to reading it someday. God is good. So glad He opened the doors to bring Ruby home!! Love you girl!

  7. I am SO excited you are writing a book – I will be first in line to get one and I have a feeling there will be fellow blog readers knocking me out of the way LOL! I will be praying for God to guide your fingers as you type and for people to be moved by this story and develop a heart for bringing other children home who have such a special need to be adopted.

  8. Oh Linny, I am so glad you are writing it. I wish I could read it now. We are in major need of encouragement. But we do have hope:O) Hope in our Amazing Father.

    We know the Lord has told us that our precious Mia is to be our daughter, and we have literally stepped off the cliff and are flying through the air as we prepare to bring her home. We've gone through a lot of Spiritual Warfare this time around too. I stand in expectation of God's amazing heart and hand for the orphan. We have no way of bringing our precious treasure home in a few weeks unless the Lord intervenes. We wait in humble expectation. I am in awe at all of the beautiful things he has done, and can't wait to see how He brings her home.

    I truly look forward to reading about Ruby's rescue. God is so Amazing, and I'm so excited that you are going to be sharing it with us!

    Praying for her healing and for your family as you adjust to your new normal:O)

    Lots of Love,
    jenn H.

  9. Wow! Thanks for sharing your heart and it's amazing what you can go thru for the Lord to bring a dear girl home to where she truly is loved. I am waiting for the book. Thanks for being willing to listen to what God had in store for you and dear Ruby. Love the photos.

  10. Those are the sweetest photos. I will definitely pray for Ruby's Story and her healing as well as the rest of the family. Thanks so much for putting it out there to share. I know that must be difficult.

  11. praying that memories of events will be fresh in your mind so that you remember the whole event. CAN'T wait to own a copy and will tell others they need to buy and read.I am sure it will be an amazing book and one that will touch many to do more for the orphan. XXX

  12. I am so excited to read your book! I think it'll be as big as Kisses from Katie. Or bigger! You are a great communicator and you have an awesome story. Of course, I don't think Ruby's miracles are done yet so you may have to write a part two!

  13. Oh, I can't wait to read your book! Please make it available to read on Kindle for those of us who are overseas.
    Ruby's story is such an encouragement to me. I have adopted three from Tanzania (which is also our home), and am in the middle of a fourth….and this one seems impossible. But if God can do it for Ruby, then he can do it for James.

  14. Funny thing…when I clicked the link to check your update today, I thought to myself, I wish she would write a book so I could share it with my friends and family who aren't really blog readers! I tell some of your stories to my husband, my small group, my sisters. One night while you were in Africa with Ruby and the mountains were looking so steep, I broke down crying in my night church and we all stopped and prayed for the way to be cleared for Ruby to come home. In terms of publishing, have you heard the story of how The Shack was published? It's in Guideposts this month. It would make a good Memorial Box story! If God wants a story told, I'm sure he'll find the publisher. =)

  15. Had that sense when she was at Phoenix children's. God did not bring her here to die, He brought her here for life, hers and others. Satan would like to trump that. We will pray. Still prayin' for SJ too.

  16. I pray for you linny and dw and your family,
    i have followed every post for so long.
    God bless you, my friend.
    i will pray about the book.
    please pray for my friend who is in china adopting a 6 year old SN and is really having a hard time. warfare! please.
    thank you, linny

  17. Oh I will pray for this book. And just so you know, I am a great proof reader. . grammar and content. . former high school English teacher here 🙂

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