The Day After….

Dw, the kids and I cannot even begin to express our gratefulness
 for all of your responses to our launch yesterday. 
You guys are amazing.
We are so abundantly blessed by your encouragement.
Who knew when I felt led to start our Place Called Simplicity 
three and a half years ago  
all the places we {you and me} would go together?  
There is some over-the-moon exciting things going on with International Voice of the Orphan since the launch yesterday…
and I will have to share them soon!
I just need to elaborate on the Orphan Wares link.  
If you have been looking for it – 
it is hidden – 
for the moment!  
There were some tweaks that must be 
worked out before we can launch that arm of IVO.    
But, for the record, it is truly just about ready to launch.
Many of you have generously donated items to sell 
on the site and we cannot thank you enough. 
 The proceeds from each item sold
 {minus shipping – cause someone has to pay that!} 
will go directly to feeding the orphans.  
We are praying that when anyone needs any type of gift, 
the first place they look is Orphan Wares on 
International Voice of the Orphan!
The warehouse accepts any item that is crafted.
We also have decided to accept unused gift cards.
{Ya’ know that gift card you received from your 
Great Aunt Beulah that was for a place 
you never, ever go?  Yes!  That gift card – 
mail it to the IVO Orphan Ware site and 
we will place it up for sale…
with all proceeds [minus shipping] 
going to feed the orphans.}
We are also accepting Vintage/collector items
 that are hard-to-find or one of a kind?   
Do you know what I mean?
Like antique/vintage/collector items.  
If in doubt, mail us a picture…
One of the other things we are selling is things that
 are made by orphans!   Many orphanages have a 
cottage industry which provides the kids
 in their care with spending money.  
We actually have friends who have 
moved to Uganda for a season.  
They developed a financial
 program to teach financial life skills to
 kids in orphanage care…..think about it….
‘institutionalized’ for life and when they are 
old enough to leave on their own, they definitely 
need to know how to budget and use the
 money they earn wisely.  Many of these treasures are 
being taught a lifeskill at the orphanages/group
 homes we are connected with.  Anyway, some
 of us have bought up some of their wares
 and will resell them on Orphan Wares. 
I did a blog post about Orphan Wares a few months back.  
Click here, in case better understanding is needed. 
Here is the information that is pertinent to Orphan Wares:
Mail your items to:
 Shipping Manager
 IVO – Orphan Wares
11000 Brimhall Rd. Suite E
Bakersfield, Ca 93312
Kala will send you an email receipt 
that your items have arrived.  
Please include with your items this information:
Your name
Your email
If you have a blog, your blog address
Item description and quantity
A fair price you would expect your item to sell for

All items donated will not be able to be returned to the artist/donator.

If you have any questions, please email:

Thank you again for sharing our joy during
 our very sacred launch yesterday.
Twenty years of waiting!
 It far exceeded any possible expectations we had 
and the joy and enthusiasm was so apparent!
We are having a blast! 
Faithful God.  

“Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we 
don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts 
and keeps our souls, knows what we know, 
and holds us responsible to act.” 
Prov. 24:12

10 thoughts on “The Day After….

  1. Linny,
    I always laugh when you talk about the lurkers because I have commented a time or two a few years ago when I had a blog, but have not since. And since you posted trying to get lurkers out a few weeks ago I’ve meant to sit down and “officially” come out of hiding. Your blog is inspiring and I love to see what the Lord is doing in your lives! I am so excited about this next chapter for your family. I still don’t remember how I came across your whenever it was, but I have followed and prayed with your family ever since. The last blog I had was for an 11 month mission trip that I went on ( and while on that trip your blog was on my list of priorities to check out whenever we had internet! So hi, I’m out of lurkdom =) and I will hopefully be starting a new blog in the near future. Either way, I’ll probably be commenting more often now!

  2. I'M overwhelmed by all God's doing in your lives…can't IMAGINE how overwhelmed and excited you guys are!! EEEEEEKKKKKKK! This is going to be SO fun! Can't wait to be a part!

  3. Linny,
    Hopefully I'm not your lone last lurker. ;o) We are an adoptive (we also have a daughter with hydrocephalus), home schooling, and pastoring family in VA. We appreciate your (long term lifestyle) ministry so very much! I had to say hello when I saw your prophetic word from Dr. Umidi!!! We are so very blessed to pastor a church within his International Ministry and are incredibly blessed under his and his wife Marie's care!! What a very small world and large family the Father has! Many, many prayers and blessings in your new ministry and stage of family life.

  4. I am looking forward to the opening of Orphan Wares!

    I would like to suggest Cards from Africa (if you haven't heard about it already) for Orphan Wares.

    They are cards made by teenage orphans in Rwanda. Making and selling greeting cards gives them the ability to support their younger brothers and sisters. The cardmakers lost their parents to disease or in the genocide.

    The cards are beautiful!

  5. So exciting!! My girls and I made handmade bracelets to start the fundraising process for our adoption. We have sort of exhausted our ability to sell them to our local circle. Yesterday we were brainstorming and praying about what we could do/make. They are not a large ticket item but we have so many materials left over and it is something our girls (11 and 15) can participate with.

    We know the adoption journey we are on is but a tip of what God has for us and how HE is stretching us. Our family has a heart to advocate for orphans and those less chosen in the US as well. We continue to pray God will show us how and where to spread our wings in the future. In the mean time, hopefully our handmade bracelets will fill the tummies of a few little ones!!

  6. Linny- I have been following your blog for several months now and have been so encouraged and challenged as you life your life for Him and give and sacrifice joyfully to live in dependence and obedience to our Maker! I am so excited about IVO and am looking forward to partnering financially! I mentioned it on my blog as a place to donate! My husband and I are on the waiting list for two sweet treasures from Congo. Can not wait!! Our prayers have been over your family and mission the last several months!

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