The Story Behind the Cliffhanger….

Dear Sweet Bloggy Friends,

First off:  I know many, many, many of you will want to skim to the bottom to see the final details, but I implore each of you to read this thoroughly – it would mean so much to us if you hear our hearts. Then you will ‘get it’.  And you will understand exactly why this is so important to Dw, our treasures and yes, to me.  

Come to think of it – 
We have actually waited 
just about 18 months to share this today with you.
You can definitely wait till the end of this post to see ‘it’.

So, where exactly to begin?

I guess this story begins really when I was a little girl.  I was probably about 6 or 7.  God gave me a dream.  It was the dream of a little boy from Asia.  Back in the mid-60’s a baby adopted from Asia was not a common thing.  In fact I didn’t know anyone who had adopted internationally.  I only knew of domestic adoptions and I would hear people say, “They want to match the nationalities so that the child will ‘look like them’….that way no one will have to ever know that they were adopted.”

I heard that so often and it deeply troubled me.  Yes, as a little girl it actually almost probably ticked me off.  I kept all my thoughts to myself, but I remember thinking, “That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of. Why would we want to keep an adoption secret?  Seriously? I want a boy from Asia and I want his ethnicity to scream at the world that he is adopted!  Cause I cannot wait to adopt!!”  

In fact I smile to myself now.  No doubt Almighty God was definitely preparing me for something that no one else {in those days} would probably have ever dreamed.   

I also had one doll.  

This doll was given to me by my maternal Canadian grandmother.  I loved my grandma so much.  I have no clue what prompted her to pick this particular doll.  We had no interracial marriages in our family, she had lived most of her life in Canada and we did not have any adoptions in our family either.  But, when I was just two years old she gave me this dolly:

{It was my only doll.  My dolly was saved from the fire, my only childhood sentiment that made it.  She sits on our bed each day still.  My dolly heard all my whispered prayers in the night watches when times in my home were so terrifying growing up.  She was my only real friend “with skin on” back in my growing years.} 

Almighty God was looking into my future and preparing me.  He had given me a deep, deep desire for an Asian son and He had me play and talk to a little African baby doll!  

Who knew?

And when Dw and I were dating I said that some day I wanted a boatload of children.  He wanted four or five.  He asked me what a boatload meant?  I would giggle and say, “A boatload means when someone who doesn’t know the family looks at their family picture there are so many children that one has to look and look to find the mom and dad…”  and then I would add matter-of-factly…”it’s not that the mom and dad have to look young like everyone else, there just has to be a sea of faces and the mom and dad’s faces have to be hard to pick out”.  

Fast forward to being married and beginning a family.  We struggled with infertility and so we said, “Perfect!  We will adopt that little boy from Asia…”

And then I got pregnant and the agency facilitating Korean adoptions required us to halt the adoption process
 {we had not been matched yet}…

So as soon as Abigail was a year old we picked up the 
process where we had left off….

And eventually we brought home Tyler…
And then we met Autumn’s birth mom and 
she asked us if we would adopt her baby…
And then we did foster care of a little boy named Scotty……
And then we gave birth to Emma…
and immediately I got pregnant with Graham…
And then we met Liberty’s birth mom and before long 
Liberty was in our arms….
And then we did foster care again, this time a 14 year old girl…

and all the while God was stirring our hearts….
for something much bigger than we could have ever dreamed…

And yes, there is a significant piece of the story that fits in from 1988 – 1991
but I’m not ready to share it,
maybe one day,
but probably not…

but let’s just say it amped up our hearts 1,000,000 times over to the plight of the most vulnerable children of the world….

It was the catalyst that God used for Dw to close his very successful law practice causing us to pack up our then three little ones and head to seminary in Virginia…

And in 1992 when Dw graduated from seminary there was a ‘commissioning’ of sorts.  It was when the seminary professors and seminary leadership would pray over each student graduating.  
It was a solemn, reverend and most holy time.  

And that day, a professor, Doctor Joseph Umidi, prayed over Dw and spoke a prophetic word over both of us….the very word that today, just about 20 years later is coming to pass with the telling of this story….

Well we pondered that word.  

We had no clue what it meant, at the time, but we would occasionally talk about it and always wonder how God was going to fulfill that very holy, very bold, very prophetic word….

We quietly waited and watched.

And we poured ourselves into ministry in the local churches we were called to pastor.  We saw people set free.  We saw people come to Christ.  We saw people released in ministry.  We saw families united.  We saw people healed.

But every now and then we would say, 
“Wonder about that prophetic word from Doctor Umidi?”  

We faithfully served, to the best of our ability, each person who God brought across our paths.

Dw was recognized for his leadership abilities and was called on by our denomination to serve at a National level in addition to pastoring the local church.  It was a time of great blessing.

But every now and then we would talk about that prophetic word.

Our Abigail had a friend who was serving at an orphanage in Mexico.  We met her friend.  We asked if we could come serve alongside him some time.  We packed up our kids for a family vacation with “a few days” in Mexico at the orphanage….and once there, the kids said, “We don’t want to go to Sea World in San Diego….we want to stay and serve here.”  So we ditched the ‘family vacation’ and served together for a week.

As a family, we fell in love with the orphans of Mexico.  
Every one of our hearts were broken.
We returned.

We brought a team back to serve with us!

In fact, Dw took our male staff to a Pastor’s Conference in Texas and I drove our three kids {Emma, Graham and Liberty} alone  –
17 hours one way –  into Mexico to serve for a week. 

We could not get enough
 {as a family} 
of those precious treasures!
{The orphanage has since closed, but we still pray for the kids who captivated our hearts.}   

And then we heard that China’s doors were open to people our age and we went full steam ahead for our Isaiah…
Dw, Emma, Graham, Liberty and I went to China to bring Isaiah home.  It was a move directed by God.  We saw what a Chinese orphanage for special needs kids was like.  Our hearts were, again, completely broken.  I can hardly, to this day,
 talk about what we saw.  And hearing Isaiah’s stories….
I sob.

In the mean time God had been stirring Emma’s heart for 
about 7 years for the orphans of Uganda.
And she started posting notes begging Daddy to take her
 to Uganda to serve the orphans there. 

In July 2008 Emma and Daddy left for Uganda – 
so Dw could teach a group of rural Ugandan pastors about being men of integrity, character and honor…
Men who would leave a legacy for the next generation…
and the 
Legacy Leadership Conference was born. 
And while serving at the orphanages, Emma and Daddy found Elijah and Elizabeth and so many needs that we 
couldn’t even begin to imagine!

After returning home, Dw fell down our stairs and sustained significant shoulder injuries requiring extensive surgery….

it would be me who would head to Uganda to bring our babies home….{no doubt, God’s hand in showing me Uganda}…

And in the meantime we were in process of bringing Jubilee home {and right after bringing the babies home we lost our home to the fire which definitely knocked the stuffin’ out of us,
 it honestly took us over two full years to regroup..}

But as we look back at all these events I’ve just listed we see – 

God was definitely stirring our hearts 
for the orphan….

In ways we wouldn’t have imagined….

And He was preparing us for something….

it might sound crazy, but I cry as I type.

Faithful God.
Moving on our hearts. 
Orchestrating events:
some painful, some joyful…
All with one common purpose…
To honor Him and be about His business…

with the passion for the orphan blazing…
and the needs around the world so great…
we began to dream..
and remember…
That prophetic word from Dr. Umidi…
and we talked…

What if?

Could we?

Should we?

What would it even look like?

And the Lord spoke, 

“Remember that prophetic word?”


“Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we 
don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts 
and keeps our souls, knows what we know, 
and holds us responsible to act.” 
Prov. 24:12

We didn’t really know where to begin.
But we knew that the
orphans needed a voice
and we are convinced that 
 can do something daily for the 
orphans worldwide!

Most people want to do something, they just don’t know where to begin….

So our dream has been to have a ministry that serves the orphan and those who care for them {care givers, pastors, leaders worldwide} that is easy to get involved in.

A web site that any one with a heart can go on and say, 
“Hey I can help!  Look! I can do such-n-such!”

This past summer we received our 501c3 status {making all donations tax deductible}.

Yes, about a year ago I began to tell you guys about it,
 but the timing wasn’t right.

But He was assembling a team of amazing friends
 from around the world:

About that time, the Lord brought a precious bloggy friend, from the opposite side of the country to us, who said, 
“How can I help?  I am a web designer.”  
KimFoo has become one of my dearest friends…
and she and Bryan are part of our team…
She designed Elijah’s Hope and will be helping administrate it:
“adopting an orphan in prayer” 

KimFoo and Bryan


And about that time, the Lord brought a young couple from the Pacific Northwest to join hands with us…

Jonathan and Serena
who have helped with the IVO web site and 
cheered us on every step of the way…
and dreamed with us…

and about that time the Lord brought a young bloggy friend from California to us.  She wrote: “We just bought a home with a 1600 sq.ft. warehouse on it…would you allow us to process the orders for orphann wares you are going to sell to feed the orphan?”
And Kala and her family joined the team…

{and yes, that is the warehouse behind us}

And together these precious folks have joined 
with us to make today happen…
and we have room for so many more 
of you on the team!!

Many of you have asked:

What is Dw going to do for income now that you
 have left Colorado for Ruby’s sake?
Is he going to pastor in Arizona?

The answer:

We are dedicating ourselves, 
for the rest of our lives 
as missionaries to the orphan
and Third World pastors…

No, we will not be moving to Uganda…
we will be based in Phoenix, Arizona 
near Children’s Hospital because 
Ruby’s health a our top priority…


We will:

~ Be the Orphan’s voice by bringing teams to serve orphans
~ Be the Orphan’s voice by leading Legacy Pastor’s Conferences: training Third World pastors around the globe.
~ Be the Orphan’s voice by speaking at churches and anywhere else the Lord would allow us calling all who will listen to the needs of the 163,000,000 orphans worldwide
~Be the Orphan’s Voice by telling all who will listen about the wares for sale that artisans and crafters make to donate and people buy where all proceeds go to feed the orphan
~Be the Orphan’s Voice pleading with people to consider adopting one orphan in prayer…..

Now don’t jump to the bottom quite yet…

This next part is extremely important to us!

Because we feel so greatly that the
 orphan’s needs 
Third World pastor’s needs 
are so gigantic,  
Dw and I have committed to live by faith alone.  

100% of the donations designated for the orphan or Legacy pastors will go directly to the orphans or Legacy pastors.  
We will not take a percentage to live on.

So if you have a yard sale and raise money to feed the orphans…100% of what you raise will go to feed the orphans.

If you get an inheritance and donate a portion to train Third World pastors through the Legacy Conference, 100% of your donation will go to the training of those Third World pastors.  

Our ‘mentor’ is George Mueller.  He lived by faith alone.  We are convinced that God is going to supply all our needs….

If someone is prompted by the Lord to ‘designate’ a gift to care for our family, that will be a tremendous blessing. 

I am over-the-moon excited to live by faith.
We have done it in the past –
~ when we packed up his law office and kissed a nice lawyer’s income good-bye for seminary.
~when we planted a church in Virginia without promise of income
~when Dw resigned from pastoring to move for our precious 
Ruby Grace….

He was always faithful.


And the prophetic word given to us 
nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Joseph Umidi?

Dwight, one day you and Linny will have an international ministry to children”

“One day” is here:

with great joy we present a ministry to the 163 million orphans worldwide {and training Third World pastors} 
which is dedicated to
 Jesus Christ and Him alone.

May all we do glorify, honor and praise Him
for He, alone, is worthy.


{Click on the link directly below}

Be the voice!
PS We just prayed as a family 
{and some of the team via speaker phone}
and dedicated this post
 and our new ministry to Almighty God.  
I’m weeping.  
This is an amazing day for our family.  
Ruby was the catalyst to making it finally happen.
Thank you Jesus for Ruby Grace – a precious gem from the heart of God.
Oh how He loves the orphan!  

108 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Cliffhanger….

  1. Beautiful. I started crying from the beginning because I could just sense what an awesome God thing this was. So beautiful. So awesome. So God. I have been praying for your family for a long time, and am so excited to join in prayer support of this awesome ministry too. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless you and provide for your every need. He is faithful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I honestly wish I could cry right now to release all of the energy and emotion I have after reading this post.

    Linny, your faith is so inspirational. I don't even know what to say. Thank you a million times over for all you do and all you have taught me in the 3+ years I've been reading your blog. I wish more than anything that I had money to donate or to buy something, but if all I can do is pray, that I will do.

    Bravo. Glory be to God.

  3. DW and Linny,

    I am so excited about the "official" launch of IVO!!! Can't wait to see how God provides for this ministry. Praying that some of my family can continue to be on GO teams in the future!

    Saying yippee Jesus with y'all tonight!


  4. Oh my goodness! I have chills and tears and so much else. What a beautiful post. I want to help, sooo much! I don't know how yet but I can tell you I will be hitting my knees that God will show me. You and your family are so inspiring. Thank you for showing me what true faith looks like.

  5. Linny I'm lost for words. This is where you belong. This is your heart your love, your life!!!

    I'm so proud of you and DW!! I'm so blessed that God lead me to you!!!

  6. this is fantastic! so exciting!

    we are in the process of adopting baby #2… her name will be Bristol Mueller. I think you know where her name comes from seeing as Mr. Mueller was from Bristol England. πŸ™‚

    I will be sharing this info on my blog. πŸ™‚

    for Christmas I only purchased gifts (on etsy), that benifited orphans or adoptions. I'm very excited about Orphan Wares!

    Oh, and I have a real name… Tricia πŸ™‚

  7. My heart is leaping with joy!! What a wonderful word! What a beautiful promise! what great work!!! ohh my goodness!! WHAT JOY!!!
    your story speaks to me so much! i've never met you and i can honestly say i feel like i've known you all my life! your desire for a "boat load of children" is what i have always wanted in my life!
    So overjoyed, so humbled by your testimony, and by God's provision and work through your family! Praying for God to show us how we are to join your work!

  8. WOW! Such an exciting time! I can just feel your excitement oozing off the page! It is an honor to pray for your ministry…which is exactly what I will be doing. Thanks for sharing your heart with us…such a blessing to me.

  9. Wow-praise God for His faithfulness. His vision and plan for our lives is always bigger than our own if we will only listen. Praise God for your family's obedience. I read George Mueller's autobiography earlier this year at a time when I was doubting the timing of God calling us to adopt our 4th child in less than two years (we have since moved forward and can't wait to meet our 7th child). After reading it, I wrote in my prayer journal "I want to live by faith like him." Fully trusting God because He is sufficient.

    I heard this song "Never Once" by Matt Redman this past weeked at the Created 4 Care Adoption retreat in Atlanta and I know you know this is true, but the words "never once have you ever walked alone" from this song stuck with me and I hope this song will inspire you even more to faithfully walk with God knowing that He is always walking with you.

    Your blog and your wisdom have been instrumental in my life and our adoption stories and I know God is going to do amazing things wiht this ministry!

    Can't wait to see what HE does next!


  10. ps… just checked out Elijah's page- gorgeous pic btw!

    so, I have a huge heart for the orphan and God called me to adopt all of our children, (we will not be trying for birth chidlren). πŸ™‚

    I love the idea of praying for orphans, but it is a lot for me. I want to bring these babies home!

    The babies on Elijah's page- will there be info saying that they are adoptable? I fell in love with Juliet, (from Emma's blog) a few months back and would have loved to bring her home, (still would actually). Basically, while some may be ok praying for the orphans, (which is fantastic), I want to be able to bring them home. Am I making sense? I still want to pray for them, but if I find one I love, I want to know that bringing that child home may be possible. (not that you have control over that…basically like in their profile there could be a section saying if they are up for adoption or not, so if they are not adoptable we can pray for their salvation, safety, etc, and if they are adotpable we can pray for their future families and if God would have us as their family.

    ok, so yeah, I hope I am making sense… kinda hard to explain in a comment! lol

    Tricia πŸ™‚

  11. Oh my goodness, TOTALLY worth the wait!! And yes, I did read the whole thing before clicking the link πŸ™‚
    The new site is AWESOME, but even more amazing are your hearts to follow hard and faithfully after HIM! What a blessing you are and will be to SO MANY orphans!!
    Definitely an AMAZING day!!
    Sending big hugs for all He is accomplishing through you and your family!!

  12. I have checked this blog every ten minutes over the past DAY! As an official de-lurked fan…I am do excited to hear about this. I just called my husband in here to him about it (because I talk so much about your blog he knew who I was talking about). Your journey sounds so familiar, and makes me overjoyed for what our God could have in store for my life and the lives of orphans and pastors everywhere. Congratulations…and know that you will be covered in my prayers.


  13. Reading about the prophetic words given at Dw's ordination, and knowing that IVO was ordained by God so many years ago…I felt like I was on sacred amd holy ground visiting the site for the first time. Amazing….utterly amazing….I am looking forward to how Joel and I will be able to help. Keeping you wrapped in prayer and praise…

  14. Oh, Linny! My heart is bursting for you and your family. I am so excited to see how God will use this ministry!!! Living by faith alone… George Mueller… I'm currently reading his Answers to Prayers from George Mueller's Narratives. We strive to move in that direction. May God continue to be glorified through your faith and works!!!

  15. You blessed my heart with this post. I currently haven't the means to help the orphans but I will continue to pray for them, that they find loving forever families. Thank you for the work you and your family are doing.


  16. I am so THRILLED about this!! It feels funny to say, but I'm just so proud of you both for doing this. The example you are to me personally has been priceless in my own life. Proverbs 24:12 is printed off and sitting at the bottom of my computer screen. I read it all the time and it reminds me to pray or donate or something like that but mostly it just has me feeling like I really don't know what to do, the problems are so big and so hard. I can't wait to get involved in a meaningful way with what you're doing. I believe we will meet one day and you'll probably have to ask me to stop hugging you!! Love you and love your heart. I'm feeling encouraged knowing that without a doubt your efforts will save lives and change hearts. What a legacy! Feona

  17. I am crying and yet what I have to say will come across as rude…but it isn't. "Duh" You wrote all that and it was like, well…of course…it just IS. So touched and excited and honored to read your post. Blessings to all of the team!!!

  18. as i started to read this post, i had small goosebumps. then further into it, bigger goosebumps. i couldn't wait to read the end (although i did manage to read it all first… albeit very quickly!!)… i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. chills of excitement all over my whole body. πŸ™‚ praising Jesus for your obedience.

  19. One day is HERE!! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing your cliff hanger and giving us a chance to partner in ways that we can!!
    You guys are AMAZING!! Glory be to GOD!!
    Praying for GOD sized BLESSINGS on your family and for Orphans.

  20. Oh, I weep as I read your words. I am beyond excited for you. The Lord has been preparing you for this for so long. Oh, to wait on Him. And this is the immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.

    How absolutely thrilling!

    I am so excited to see what He does from here.

    Inspired and grateful,

  21. Oh, I'm one hot mess after reading this latest post! So many tears of joy for what is to come with such awesome news you’ve posted. Your family has blessed so many people with such a tender heart for the orphans. The wealth of information of how and why you do what you do, but also that others can do it too. I look forward to reading each and every one of your posts, oftentimes with lots of laughs but also tears for the emotions you stir up in my own heart for adoption. Thank you so much for the raw emotions you share to all of us out in the β€˜lurking blog world’ (LOL), but know you inspire so many β€˜lurkers’ to reach for the stars for what we believe can happen for the orphans!!

    I also think someone needs to add a β€˜facebook’ button to the new website so that even more exposure can be brought to this heavenly cause!! (if I knew how to do it, I would…but I don’t)



  22. beautiful!
    I am so excited for your family!!!
    I just did a post on how our family is going on a mission trip and living by faith as George Muller did!!
    Check it out:

    I'm a friend of Serena (we call ourselves "twins" as we have so much in common!), so I will be praying for you all!

    We too have a heart for orphans and have always dreamed of adopting!

    May the Lord bless your ministry!


  23. Wow. I have goosebumps from reading! What an incredible, special ministry you will have, and I am blessed to be a small (prayer) part of it. I am so excited to watch as God uses you all to minister to the orphans!

  24. Linny,
    Thanks for ending the cliffhanger!! I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking a lot about ways to give to orphans since you first talked about it and the warehouse for crafts in CA. However, I discovered anew that I am ABSOLUTELY NOT CRAFTY. I was kind of bummed, because I want to help orphans, and God made me a Giver. But while I lack in artistic crafty skills, I do have lots of time on my hands. Too much time. So I told God that for this semester, I would take on extra work and donate all the proceeds from whatever extra work I get to orphans. So this week was the first week I got paid for some of this work, and I was praying about where to give this first installment, and voila, there is your post about IVO!!! I have been reading your blog for several years. In fact, I've read every post. I think I've commented maybe once. So I'm pretty much a lurker. I love your story and how God redeemed you from your childhood and sickness and brought all your kids to you!! And I was left speechless when you left CO and job and new house and friends to move to Phoenix for Ruby. I brought home again the idea God has been impressing on me for the last year of the incredible preciousness of each person. Of the estimated 107 billion people who have ever lived on the Earth, there is only ONE RUBY! There is only one of each of my students. It makes the time I have with them precious, makes me see the specialness in each child, how much God loves each one. It makes it easier to "love the one in front of me," which is what Jesus did.
    Anyway, God bless your family, IVO, and your work with orphans.


  25. To God be the glory, for great things He hath done…and continues to do!!! May blessings to your family, the team, the ORPHANS, and the ministry. Our family will continue to lift you ALL in prayer!

  26. Praise His Name! I love how He used Ruby and your love for her to be the catalyst to jump start this journey. You are an amazing family and I am SURE God will use you to do much to bless many orphans and bring awareness to their needs. So thankful for each of you. So excited to see the Lord's provision for your family and for the International Voice of the Orphan!

  27. Oh! I am just breathless after reading this post! Amazing! God is amazing!

    We have friends who have run an orphanage in Taiwan for 40 years now "by faith alone," following Mueller's model all these years. Two of our treasured children are from that orphanage.

    We have two other friends, twin sisters, who have traveled the world in music ministry for nearly fifty years "by faith alone," and yes, they have saved the life of many an orphan through their ministry.

    If you honor God, He will honor you.

  28. Linny, this is incredible. God continues to use you, this blog, your family, and now, IVO in absolutely astounding ways. I'm completely blown away with you and your family's faithfulness and trust in our mighty God. You have my prayer. Wow. I'm so enamered with your stories. I'm so inspired. What an amazing thing you're doing. I only know the half of it; I can't imagine how emotional I'd be if I knew the whole thing. Keep loving those orphans! YAY! I'm so pumped!

    Won't be able to sleep tonight! πŸ™‚


  29. I am speechless! So, so, so amazing, Linny. I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put what's in my heart into words…there just are no words. Amazing, you guys are simply amazing. Living your faith like no one else I've ever known. And I can't wait to find MY part in IVO! AMAZING!

  30. BEAUTIFUL, Linny!
    Oh how BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    I am excited to see how God will continue to be glorified…His Name will be spread…His love will be lavished…glory!

    Praying for yall and for how we can help always….

  31. Wow! Yay! I think I tell you every time I post on here that you are an inspiration, but I have no other word for what your story (life) stirs up in me.

    I'm on board!
    Thank you for being a voice,

  32. Yay God- truly HE is the King of Kings!

    I am almost speechless and so proud of you two and your family for stepping out in faith! It is not an easy road but HE will not let you down!!

    Someday we will be part of this… hopefully sooner rather than later!

    Love ya Linny and Dw!

  33. Oh Linny!!! I sit here in tears thanking the Most High for being the Awesome God that he is. He will bless you and yours and the ministry. I want to go to Africa so very much and love on God's kids. I will do what I can!
    Praising a Risen King!


  34. Wow! This sounds like a great ministry. Indeed, the orphans need love and people need the Lord in their lives. I will be praying! What do you need besides money and prayers?
    Right now i am waiting on the Lord to show me if it's this year or next year to go to Nicaragua with our church and minister to our "south campus" as our pastor calls it. I am excited to be working more to earn money to go. Again, a mission I truly feel I need to go on. I have a feeling it's gonna be next year and I can wait. God's timing is best. I'd appreciate your prayers. Hugs and blessings!

  35. All I can say is WOW…I am in tears at the beauty of it all, can't even begin to explain how this goes along with the stirrings in my heart, maybe someday…hopefully soon those stirrings will come to words and fruition.

    Pray on how to become a part,

  36. ARGGGHHHH!!!!! ok .
    I had to chuckle as you asked us to read the whole blog post! Just getting to that has taken ages…..
    I first had an idea of what the post was about from facebook. So went to favourites to scroll down to blog name. Nothing happened , so went to search name to longer way.
    Blog came up but couldn't read the typing as was onto the background! Refreshed the page and got a frozen screen. The telephone then rang twice in quick sucession I could see the blog ready to read but couldn't concentrate on reading and listening/talking. Can multi task but never reading your blog posts!
    just sat down to read when door bell rang. A man from the Salvation Army was there to tell me outside pipe had burst water everywhere! Frozen pipe now thawed!
    So ringing hubby to tell him and ask advice. Knock on window You got a burst pipe" and neighbour ringing to tell the same thing….Finally hubby rings tells me where isoltor valve is and water stopped! PHEW….
    back to trying to read blog post and get to half way through "remeber that phophetic word" Cause and another frozen screen. Computer sorts itself out and read down only to get sidetracked at twitter messgae so tears there and even more by the end of blog post. Sorry for long post but was determined going to read and post even if took HOURS!!! slight exaggeration there. Now off to look at website .

  37. I am blown away at your faithfulness! My heart leaps with joy at the number of children and pastors that will be blessed because of it!

    You guys are amazing…I am excited to see how God uses your ministry!

    I will stand with you in prayer!!!

  38. WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! GOD is SO incredibly amazing!!!! Praise God for his faithfulness and that He ALWAYS provides what we need!!!! I'm so excited for all that He has planned for you and your family and your "new" (but not really new) ministry! May God always be honored and lifted up in all that you do!!!

  39. Goosebumps and tears!! So awesome. I can only imagine how excited y'all are!
    Congratulations and thank you for listening to God πŸ™‚
    My children and I just read the story of George Mueller – what an outstanding individual to look to as a mentor here on Earth.
    Jude 2

  40. Linny!
    Our God is so amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share the vision that He has planted and watered within you. Our pastor always reminds us that the world's economy is not God's economy – He has your situation in hand :o)
    Thank you also for sharing the points about WAITING… His timing is perfect and as I have shared before, we are just coming out of this waiting period with you! How exciting to see and hear how He is moving on behalf of the fatherless!!!!
    Praying for you daily, dear sister! I also pray that I have the opportunity someday to give you a hug for all the Godly encouragement that your testimony has brought to me. Who knows where we will end up together?
    Thank you for being such a vessel for Him to be glorified through!

  41. O' O' O' Linny and family, this is so exciting!! I want to continue helping by making things to sell. Is the internet store part of this ministry also? Will it be up and running soon?
    I am starting my own internet store soon and have made it my goal that for every one thing I make to sell I will make one for your store.
    I am in the beginging stages of planning a trip to Uganda to serve at Welcome Home Orphange and do village ministry while we are there. I can not wait to see what God has planned for us and for your ministry!!

  42. Dear friend, I'm so stinking excited this is finally coming to fruition. What a blessing this will be to the orphan. I can't wait to see how God continues to move in this. I'm with you all the way. Hugs and love

  43. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So excited to see the launch of this incredible ministry of being that Voice for the Orphan.

    Bless you and thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to the Lord when He speaks. Your gift of faith is empowering.

    Ruth in WA

  44. All I can do is squeal in delight (internally, because I'm at work, and people frown on those kind of things):)

    But YEEEAAAAH! SO overjoyed, want to be a part of this battle, and now I'm gonna cry.

  45. This is just AWESOME!
    Are you going to have an etsy store or something for the donations from awhile ago? I will start spreading the word!!

    We'll be praying for the organization and I'm on my way to register for a child for our family to pray for!!

  46. Through my tears I type this post. AMAZING! Cannot wait to see how God uses you for His work. So proud of your leap of faith, you are truly inspiring. If I can help in any way, I will. I don't have a ton of skills but a heart for the Lord and for the orphan. You can be sure I will be talking with my husband about our 2012 giving.

    Sending all my love, prayers and support.

    Jen M
    Wahoo, Ne

  47. Linny, I am so, so excited for all of you!! What a wonderful and challenging opportunity…love it! I'll be praying for you as you begin this journey…and I know God will bless it as you step out in faith.

  48. Linny – When you make it up to the Northeast, let me know. There's a church in beautiful Maine that I'm sure would love to hear of your experiences and passion for the orphan! <3 I'll be praying for God's blessings on your new ministry and your family!

  49. This is awesome and I so want to be a part of this journey. It is the passion I have had on my heart for so long. Praying and so excited to see all God is going to do. This truly makes my day! Love L

  50. So excited to be a part of this ministry! We signed right up and are praying for a sweet little 6 year old in India. Oh how I wish I could go scoop her up and bring her to my home. We made a whole bunch of pictures and put them up so we can see her and pray for her often. I have since passed the website on to others. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your calling.

  51. That's AWESOME, Linny!!! May God bless you and your ministry. There is no one better for the job! πŸ™‚ You are simply amazing and an example for us all. Thank you for trusting God and showing us all how living this life is supposed to be done.

  52. Truly…I am amazed. I don't know how God does it but He knits hearts together by an invisible thread. I so honor and respect you both.

    I commit to pray for you and to do whatever I can to help. I am writing a book right now and would love to contribute to the ministry there. Amongst many other things, writing is one of the tangible things that I love to do and share with others.

    Prayerfully it will bring increase for God's glory and for the provision that these children so dearly need.

    If you will, pray for me, that I can finish well. There is a deadline in my heart that's been set and I really want to meet it!

    You are so loved and I could not be more pleased to "see" God's spirit lighting on you, as you head in past the ankles…past the knees…past the loins and into a place where you won't even be able to swim because He carries you!

    This is beyond words! Whooohooo! Yippeeee!

  53. Wow, such wonderful news, Linny! Such a beautiful, amazing story of faithfulness. Faithful servants. Faithful, faithful God!!!! He will provide. Rejoicing with you! Many, many blessings in this new ministry and season of life! XOXO Love your heart… always.

  54. So totally and completely AWESOME!!! What an inspiration you are to all of us to be the hands and feet of our Lord once again. Can't wait to see what God will accomplish through IVO and we will be supporting as we can!!! Praying always.

    Lisa K

  55. What an incredible story and testament to being 100% open to where God is leading you. Praying for all of you that this incredible ministry blesses everyone whose lives are touched. Orphans will never be the same πŸ™‚

  56. In case you really read ALL of these comments……WOW!!!!! I love watching this all unfold!! Praise the Lord. He is awesome. And you are a faithful friend to Him and the orphan. God bless you all!!!!

  57. Dear Linny,
    Your blog post has moved me to tears. The part about your doll is just like me. I have a little brown baby doll, her name is Sierra, she is my favorite doll. All my others mean nothing to me compared to her. I have always loved that she is brown, and not "white" like me.
    I am seriously pondering this blog post, in such a way that God has touched my heart to ache for him, to move for him, to live for him.
    Thank You for sharing your heart with others. God just confirmed to me my life purpose and with Him and through prayer I hope to seek it out fully. And give Him ALL the glory.
    I am praying for you and your family and your ministry.
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

    Marleigh Claire

  58. I"m so glad God led me to this blog, it has been such an inspiration. George Mueller is who I look up to and pray for the faith that he had. I told you in an e-mail that we are just starting out on our adoption journey. Reading this blog only excited me to know that God will work and be glorified in this process. I'll be praying for you and can't wait to see how God will open up doors and provide all that's needed. πŸ™‚

  59. What an incredible testimony to the Lord's faithfulness! I couldn't sleep and so thought I should check your blog…so I'm crying in the middle of the night here in NE and so blessed by your words. It's reminded me that my husband and I also were given a special prophetic word from the Lord…that we were going to be the "parents to many, whether through fostering, adoption or biological"…we are so humbled. We, like you, have had those moments where we look at each other and say, "wonder what all was meant by that…" LOL! God is so good Linny, thank you for sharing your story, your stories! You are the topic of several Lutheran wives' conversations lately, just so you know, thought you'd be blessed by that ;). We love you and we've never even met you! You inspire us! Way to be a vessel for the Lord.

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