Family and Friends…

Dw, Emmy, Graham and Liberty are on their way home 
from the airport.
Uncle Dan {one of Dw’s older brothers} flew in for a visit.
We are all soooo excited.
The last time he came we were living in Virginia.
When we have gone to Dw’s mom and dad’s home in Western New York Uncle Dan has met us there, but to have him come to our new home?  Such a very, very, very special treat!  
{The treat was provided by the generosity of a bloggy friend named Melanie and her mom….How amazingly cool is that?  
We are soooo grateful!}
Tomorrow {Wednesday} Autumn is planning on flying in for a little family-fix.  She is so homesick for us.  Imagine living with a boatload of siblings and suddenly there are none.  
She is really missing us and we are really missing her!
Thursday Savannah flies in for a visit – we are all tickled about that. 
The kids affectionally call Savannah “Banana”…and they are so excited Banana is arriving tomorrow.  Graham is smiling a lot about Banana coming as well.  
Friday Josh is supposed to come for a week long visit.
Emmy is counting the minutes.  
Then on Saturday we have a Ghanaian pastor and his wife and their two daughters arriving from Ghana.  Dw met this pastor last year here in Phoenix at the Phoenix First Pastor’s Conference.   They had a wonderful time getting to know each other.  Dw shared his heart for Third World pastors.  Pastor Paul then invited Dw to come and do a Legacy Leadership Conference in Ghana {which Emma and he did this past June and had 300 pastors and leaders attend!}  
Now Pastor Paul and Angie are returning to the states to visit Angie’s family and will, once again, be attending the pastor’s conference.  So we invited them to stay with us for the Pastor’s conference here in Phoenix.  
Emma knows that our kids will have a 
blast with their two little girls, too!
We are so excited for all the family and friends heading our way in the next few days.   Laughter, stories, food, giggles and lots of memories about to be made…
And we actually have some special lovin’ heading 
your way as well…

9 thoughts on “Family and Friends…

  1. Awesome! Sounds like loads of fun!!

    I found out last night that the women who "sit" with my mom overnight are from Ghana and Tanzania! I haven't met them yet as my mom landed back in the hospital yesterday. LOOONG story but she/we could use a boatload of prayer! Sheri

  2. Wow this is so good to hear and I know much needed. Enjoy all this love and may blessings be upon all of you. I guess you will use up all the lovely produce! L

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