They Are On Their Way….

I was able to drop them off at Phoenix Sky Harbor.
So sweet to now live near a major international airport!
If you sent a backpack, guess which piece of luggage it might be in?
Or how about a snack bag? 
There is just about 500 lbs of goodies on that cart {alone}headin’ toward Uganda.
We fly with a missionary rate and so each person is allowed three pieces of luggage.
{Others took more of the backpacks and snack bags and 
team supplies for other things for other ways they will be serving.}
One of the team members, Ashton, {pictured} flew to spend a few days
 with Emma
 before being part of the June 2012 GO Team. 
This is Emma’s 11th trip to Africa.
Emmy will be writing about the trip as it unfolds
 on her own personal blog: Em On A Mission.
Your prayers are needed as this team serves the orphan in many ways,
much of it made possible by your generous gifts.
Thank you so much!
Next stop: Europe 
where they will meet up with the most of the rest of the team…
{one group of the team lost a family member so they will be
joining the team in a few days}.
The team has 20 members on it.
Please pray for safety for the team, health, protection, 
wisdom for Dw and Emma as they lead,
hearts to be broken for all the things that break God’s heart,
 and for the families that remain on the home front!
On a fun note….As I was calling to the kind gentleman pictured with the baggage cart, 
I told him that these sweet folks were heading to Uganda to do missions work.  
In his broken English he exclaimed: “Uganda?  I am from Kenya!” 
Just how suh-weet is that? 
And just for the record, can I please reiterate just how much I
 love, love, love, love, love, love, love 
living in an international city?
Faithful God giving us the desires of our hearts when we didn’t even ask!

11 thoughts on “They Are On Their Way….

  1. Praying for the team. I am headed over on the 20th with 13 others from my church and community – we are going north to Adacar. Looks like our teams may "pass" each other – but I will certainly be keeping an eye out!!!! 🙂

  2. Linny, there are jealous:) and excited hearts in this house. We will be keeping them all in prayer:) May our gracious God work mightily through them and give you sweet peace and an uneventful time at home:) Hoping maybe I can join in on the next trip:) Much love!

  3. I am praying for the team! I was so disappointed that I couldn't go on this trip, but I know that God will bring another opportunity into my life!

  4. Praying for all the work that the Lord will accomplish
    on this trip…
    Love SkyHarbor and Phoenix….miss my friend in Tolleson…
    Love that I get to hear about Phoenix area on your blog…
    Praying for you and the kiddos while DW and Emma are gone.
    Love from NC

  5. That is awesome that you fly with a missionary rate! How do you do that? I'm going into full time missions with YWAM starting in September!I'd love to know how to fly with that discount! 🙂

    I'm praying for the team! (I sure do miss Uganda!)
    And I'm sure you could use some prayer too, as you hold down the fort!

    (Ashton and I live in the same city, although we have never met face to face, we're just bloggy friends for now, it's a small world!)

  6. What validation when you see the fruits of the years of pouring love into and training up your children in the ways of the Lord. Your Emma is one amazing girl – no excuses, just an enthusiastic yes when the Lord calls her. She reminds me so much of a young 23 year old nursing student in Missouri currently leading her first Medical Mission trip to Kenya to give back for the care she got from a visiting Canadian Medical Missionary when she was a little girl. She has no experience leading a group, she is young, still a student and does not have the resources. But she simply said yes, and God is proving Himself faithful as the team gets overwhelmed with the massive number of people seeking care. Her blog is full of thankfulness for the opportunity to be able to serve (

    Young people like your precious Emma and this young girl are gifts to parents around the world – our kids have young people they can look up to.

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