MBM: Ruby’s First Friend

In the Old Testament God told the Isrealites to take stones and pile them in a specific place to remember the story of how God rescued them.  They were to then tell their children the story over and over and over each time they saw the stones.
At our home we have a big box that we call our Memorial Box.  In it are all types of little trinkets, each representing a situation where we saw Almighty God show up.  Some represent His provision, some His protection, some His providence and all represent His faithfulness.
Ruby’s story is an ongoing story of God’s faithfulness.
I shared before that there was no hope given for our precious little Ugandan princess.  The skilled and wonderful physicians who examined her CT scans said they were “impressive”.  {Interpretation:  They’d never seen anything like them.  Most of her brain was gone, eaten by months of infection.} At best she would basically be propped in the corner, unable to interact or understand anything.
Enter Almighty God the Great Physician…
the one who formed our sweet Ruby,
the one who knew what pain, abuse and suffering she had been enduring…
{until she was finally abandoned in the village garden} 
the God who was orchestrating events to bring the missions team with Dw and Emma
 to the orphanage 
at the exact moment 
that our little treasure was teetering near death….
That God. 

And that’s where our story picks up…
because Ruby’s story is still being written…
Many thought she would never do anything.
But God…
and now I have more pictures to prove it.
Because He is known by our family as 
The Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God…

So in this whole mix of things, I have been praying that God would show me/us what Ruby can understand.  That He would show us how to communicate so we know she understands….
About that time I began to teach Ruby the sign for “friend”.
Now an interesting part of this whole story is that when I began to sign “friend” for Ruby, I felt I should also sign the word “name” for her.
So when we meet someone new I take her fingers on both hands and sign “friend” 
while saying {for instance},
 “Hey Ruby, we have a ‘friend’ here for you to meet.  
Her “name” is such-n-such.” 
Then I pick up Ruby’s hand and wave and say “Hi such-n-such!”
Well when we were on our trip to NY we happened to meet up with some old friends.
I was not near Ruby but about 75 feet away.  Dw was holding her talking to our old friend as I came up.  As I approached I said hello to our old friend and then I noticed Ruby kind of wiggly/anxious acting.  I took her from Dw and she instantly settled in and turned to the friend.   It was easy to tell that she was not comfortable because she didn’t know who was talking to her daddy.  
Dw hadn’t noticed it all unfold and I joked with him, 
“I think you could call me the Ruby-whisperer”.  
Anyway,  over the next weeks I noticed that almost every time we met up with someone, Ruby would be wiggling impatiently as if to say, “Ummm,  do you not notice me?  Hello. Please introduce.”
And I somewhere in there I began to pray that God would bring Ruby little people friends…
and one day, at church a little girl {almost exactly the same age as Ruby} came over to her stroller.  I was talking to her mommy and she peeked her head in. It was so sweet.  She was quite taken with Ruby and Ruby was clearly enjoying her new little friend.
The second week the mom and I were talking again {we were taking the same class together} and this time her little girl, whose name is Savannah came immediately and said, “Ruby!”
I had my cell phone ready, because I wanted to catch it.  
And I did…
Ruby was elated to ‘see’ her friend Savannah…
Looky for yourself!

And Savannah was equally enthralled when she saw Ruby’s response!

Two Sunday’s later Savannah came right to Ruby….drinking her own bottle…and
Ruby lifted up her foot and Savannah just stroked her cheek over and over with Ruby’s little foot.
Ruby often shows us her lovin’ by rubbing her foot on any one of us….and 
clearly, Ruby loved seeing her friend Savannah…
Ruby has a friend…
and Ruby loves her Savannah…
and Savannah loves her friend Ruby..
and they ‘talk’ to each other..
rubbing feet on faces and all…..
and with every.single.step. Ruby is making medical history
doing the ‘impossible’
all because God said it WAS possible!

How ’bout you?
What has Faithful God being doing for you?
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I have to say, most weeks, many bloggy friends surf around the stories
and meet many of you for the first time…
such a cool part of it all..
new friendships are formed….

20 thoughts on “MBM: Ruby’s First Friend

  1. Now that last picture is pure love straight from the heart of our Mighty Lord!!! whew baby God has some big plans for Ruby and for the hearts of those Miss R touches!!

  2. Beautiful! <3 Go Ruby!!! I smile looking at these sweet pictures <333 Ruby Grace is a sweet little miracle through and through, more and more AMAZING everyday!!! What a sweet little friend <333

  3. That is the sweetest post – the SWEETEST! It made me smile so deeply! Ruby is definitely His miracle girl…and yes, he wants her to have sweet sweet friendships! Thank you Jesus for Savannah Ruby's new friend.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am absolutely thrilled for your miracle Ruby and for her new friend Savannah. Many times love needs no words at all.

    Thank you Lord, for bringing these two little friends together. Thank you for Ruby's precious life, and for her little light that shines YOU so very brightly!

    Thank you Linny, for sharing. Love, love, love the pictures!



  5. That littlest of yours has a smile to light the night sky. How much rejoicing in heaven must happen simply because she is loved here!

    I am touched and tearful at the sweet friendship. And I cannot wait to sign with her – seriously… a deaf chick and a blind beauty? God is great!

  6. Both Ruby & Savannah are Just TOO PRECIOUS! I love the pics but especially the one of Savannah holding Ruby's foot!!! Absolutely lovely. Please pray for my former foster child Olivia, whom I have written you about before. Her family is going through some difficult circumstances right now. Thank you Linny. Kept the pics of the 'littlest friends' come.

  7. (crying!) A friend is certainly one of God's greatest blessings…at any age. A beautiful reminder for all of us parents to be sure that we aren't too busy to help our children realize this blessing.

  8. I don't know if I have ever been moved to tears with a story so quickly. I am just overjoyed that the Lord has provided Ruby with a friend. WE all need a friend. Only one. God knew Ruby would blossom not only with her awesome family but with her very own friend.

    I know how hard it can be for some people to develop friendships. Two of my children have struggled with this(Asperger's), but God too has given them a faithful friend or two and we thank and praise Him for this. He is faithful.


  9. Wow Thank You for this story! I really needed to read it right now! Precious Treasure Ruby Grace you are amazing! I cried when I saw the picture of Savannah and you! GOD IS SOOOO VERY GOOD! Janet

  10. What a beautiful post! So breathtaking to think of the distance that Ruby has come, not just around the world but from the edge of death to making friends and demanding to be introduced. 🙂 Such a precious little treasure! God is good!

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