Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

Thanksgiving is my most favorite day of the year.
It’s so low key and we have such wonderful traditions 
that have been going on for years
and there is nothing like a day set aside to be 
Thankful for so much this year.
Sooo much.
His faithfulness always.
Last year Thanksgiving was at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
where Ruby had just had another brain surgery.
Gracious folks from a local Jewish synagogue had brought
dinners up to the hospital.
Their generosity and love will be remembered by us always.
This year we had the privilege of Charlie, Karl and Autumn coming to 
spend several days with us.
We have had a blast!
Two birds this year…so we could have plenty of leftovers…
and as long as you’re making one…might as well make two…

Our Thanksgiving football game…

Nehemiah’s first Thanksgiving!!
He had a blast!

One team shows their muscle….

Look at how intense Nehemiah and Elijah are…
makes me laugh…

The strategy…

The fans

 Playing Foursquare on the kitchen floor

We had the most crazy game of 
We are still laughing about it.
If you have never played,
you must get the game.
It is easy enough for even all the littles to play
and costs about $6.00.
Wish I had pictures, 
but I was too busy trying to win playing.
Lastly, if anyone would like to link your Thanksgiving blog post,
please do so below.
It would be super fun to peek around at your day.

9 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

  1. I love your thanksgiving pictures!! It warms my heart to see your sweet family!!
    Liberty is really growing up and so is Jubilee! Isaiah too!

    Love you and miss you!

  2. I love love love how you take so many pictures…. reminds me of someone I know 😉 Seeing your photos just always brings a huge smile to my face. I so love your family. I want to come live by you now. :)

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