The Things We Do For Love

A few weeks ago our oldest, Abigail, asked me a question.

I didn’t hesitate.

After all, there are all kind of things we are willing to do for love.
Even if we’ve never done them before.
But first let’s back up…
As most of you know, Abi and Ryan and Finley surprised shocked us
at Christmas when she showed up with a big ol’ 6-1/2 month sized belly…
they were in the midst of their second adoption
and a baby in the belly had not been in their thoughts.
Isn’t it crazy how God intercepts our plans?
*makes this mama giggle big time*
Clearly, Almighty God has a very unique plan for this little guy in the belly.
After telling the families over Christmas, they announced it to the world…
And with the announcement they wrote:

The Quisenberry family is growing by TWO in 2013. 
Yes, we are pregnant, and yes, we are still adopting baby #2.
 We are anxiously awaiting both babies arrivals, 
and Finley can’t wait. 
He is very excited for his “two babies.” 

Yes, indeed.

That girl of ours and her hubby are going full steam ahead with baby #2
{he or she was ‘on the way’ first} and should be matched with him/her
{literally} any day now.   He/She will look like Finn!

So what was her question?

“Mom would you tell your bloggy friends about the pictures
I am selling to raise money to bring home Baby #2?”

So you now how it is, there are just some things we do for love….

Here’s the scoop:

Abigail is a professional photographer who has requests to fly all over
 the country doing photo shoots…
her pictures are a.m.a.z.i.n.g {and I’m not just sayin’ that, see for yourself.}

Abi sweetened the deal with a extra special offer just for my bloggy friends:

15% off  on all orders over $100 with this code:


There are photos of cities {San Francisco, London etc},
landscapes, seashores, sunsets and photos from when she was in Uganda and Haiti.

Here’s a collage sample of a few of the 100+ pictures available:

Here’s the link:

Abi Q Photography Fine Art Sale

Would you be willing to help bring my
 treasured grand baby home? 
Thank you so much! 

4 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. Hi Linny,

    I would absolutely love to help out!!! Looked at her pictures and all are gorgeous. Does she have any that have a patriotic theme to them such as the American flag? I am so trying to find one for our great room. Let me know and how I can get in touch with Abi. Also, my email is

    Thank you!


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