Mama’s Sick

Mama doesn’t get sick very often.

Almost never.

We’re not allowed to, are we sweet friends?

Yet I feel so stinkin’ gross.

But there was a bit of joy this morning.

It was Skyping with Emma for a few minutes.

When she learned I was really sick, she told me something {for my health} that I needed to do.

She actually got kinda’ bossy, in an Emma-charming way.

Her adamant bossiness actually made me laugh.

She persisted, not amused by my giggle.

But then when I didn’t act all that thrilled about what she was telling me to do
Emma got firm, “Seriously Mom! I’m not kidding. Like I’m not kidding at all.  Do I need to beat you?”

Which of course, coming from her lips made me laugh even more.

I responded, “If you were to beat me, would that involve you coming home to do it?”

Without skipping a beat, “No more emails, calls or Skyping – it would be an emotional beating.”

Okay, Okay Emma.

I give.  You win.

I’m doing “it”.

Just don’t beat me!

15 thoughts on “Mama’s Sick

  1. Aww so sweet and she is so cute, I love her heart and she loves her momma so you better listen. Haha. So sorry your sick, we will be praying. My kids have had some junk and I have been dodging it, ughh when moms get sick it really seems to knock us down. Hopefully we can connect so I can get this blessing to you. Get some rest.

  2. She is a treasure, for sure.

    And who knew… I prayed over every single one of your kids today (even your grandlittles, and your in-loves, and the ones that aren't at home right now)… and God impressed on me to pray for YOU and DW healthwise. Thankful for His timing.

  3. Praying that you feel better soon! It is so hard for a Momma of many to be sick!
    Did you go to the Doctor?

    I so understand you deep love and closeness for your Emma! Katie and I joke about being each others BFF- I am passionate for me girl!

    LOve you dear friend!

    1. Ha! We call each other our BFF's as well. We have a blast! And no trip to the doc…I *rarely* go…like never actually. But this was the stomach bug. Plain and simple.

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