Oh Susanna – Now Don’t You Cry….

Remember that old song, “Oh Susanna….” {Actually I did a bit of research and it was first published in 1848.  Wow.  It is an old song.}

Every time I think and pray for this little Susanna, I think, “Ohhhh Susanna, now don’t you cry…”
and the tune whisks through my mind….

See, over on the other side of the world, in Eastern Europe
there is a precious little treasure named Susanna….
well, before I tell you about her, I just want you to see her face…

Susanna is 6 years old….

And actually Sweet Susanna has never left her room.


Do her eyes pierce your heart like they do mine?

Sweet friends, we must find a family for little Susanna….

She has Hydrocephalus {just like our Ruby} and she also has Spina Bifida {they often go hand in hand}.  Susanna is paralyzed from the waist down.   She has never had her Hydrocephalus surgically cared for, nor has she had surgery to repair her Spina Bifida….

Never leaving her room…never having surgery…

Can we even begin to imagine?

Susanna is reaching for your hand…
Imploring all of us…
Will we be her voice?

Will you advocate with us for a family for Susanna? 
One of us must know someone who is looking for Susanna. 
To lift her out of that crib and give her hope?
Would you pray with me that Susanna’s forever family will find her today? 

Please spread the word…

Ohhhhh Susanna, don’t you cry…
Almighty God has a family for you….
Your country is advocating for a family for you…
People around the world are advocating for a family for you.

May today be the day your family finds you. 

May it be so Lord.

For more information about Susanna, please email:

7 thoughts on “Oh Susanna – Now Don’t You Cry….

  1. Heartbreaking. I pray that a wonderfully equipped, loving, faithful family will step forward in faith and make her theirs! She is valuable and precious!

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