It’s Not Complicated. Just Stop For the One.

My prayer partner sent me this link by Heidi Baker.

It’s powerful.

It’s truth.

It’s reality.

It’s all about one.

Just one.

The masses can look overwhelming.

But He only asks us to stop for the one.

And Heidi is right, “It’s not complicated.  Just stop for the one.”

On a more personal note, those who have crafted, 
helped with or bought from 
been on our GO Teams, donated for Ruby’s Friends, 
or served the orphans, vulnerable, 
widows, immigrants, or broken:  
thank you so much. 
Thank you for stopping for the one.
Together we will Be the Voice!

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Complicated. Just Stop For the One.

  1. Just wanted to say "Hi" after seeing this post. I've been following your blog for over a year now and working with IRIS in Mozambique for the last 8 years and love your blog. You guys definitely have very similar DNA to IRIS. Thanks for all the encouraging and challenging posts you write. You are a blessing to the body! 🙂

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