Hadn’t Realized

Since Dw has been gone to Africa,
I’ve not had much opportunity to get exercise.
For me, personally speaking, exercise helps me stay 
pretty mellow. 
If I feel myself getting stressed, exercise *always* helps.
{Besides spending time with the Lord.}
With Liberty being the oldest and Ruby’s seizures 
really can’t go too far, 
so instead I’ve managed while Dw is away, 
to just ride around and around the blocks
surrounding our home.
Never more than 2 minutes from the house.
Having not ridden my bike for several days,
I asked Liberty if she was okay with watching the kids so 
I could ride for a bit.
Venturing out my only thought was, 
“Wow, it’s still pretty warm.”
It was 7pm so it had to have cooled down from the 
122 degrees it was supposed to have been. 
Pedaling, pedaling and pedaling some more I began to 
wonder what the temperature really was.
Paused for a second to do a search and found 
it was still
It made me laugh.
Guess I hadn’t realized, after living in the mountains of Colorado
where it cools right down in the evenings,
that it’s not quite the same here in the desert….
No wonder it was feeling a bit warm.
Saw a couple of my neighbors who were out hosing down 
their driveways.  Actually asked one if I paid them a
dollar would they be willing to turn their hose on me for a minute.

We laughed.
At one point I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
{Sorry the picture is so blurry.  
Riding by my phone did not cooperate well.}
Two bunnies sprawled on a neighbors lawn.
Did a double take.
I actually thought they might have both succumbed to the heat.
They were both just sprawled out perfectly flat. 
Apparently it’s the way a bunny keeps cool. 
Not to worry for Phoenicians – 
it’s supposed to cool down by the end of week –

 to a high of only


Downright shiverly,
 I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Hadn’t Realized

  1. Linny – this isn't really a comment on this particular post, however, I feel really burdened to share a prayer request with you and maybe you can share it with your readers… I don't know you and I don't know these people that need prayer, but check out the blog: ourplacecalledhome.blogspot.com – a little girl fighting for her life; we've been praying for her, but this family needs even more prayers!

    Thank you! for your ministry

  2. Hahaha! Crazy lady – out riding in the heat! 😉 Oh wait, I guess we're moving in the next couple days, so we're all riding on the crazy train together! Lol.

  3. Well although it is not 115 here I feel like I can relate, living in Florida the mornings and nights do not cool off much in the summer months. We have a couple rabbits that someone must of had as pets wandering our neighborhood. It is always fun for us to see them lying in our yard or under some ones tree or car like they are cats. So funny !
    I agree with the exercise, besides the Lord it was the thing that helped me survive a very hard time. It still helps me and is one of the reasons I love helping people as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. There is an exercise called a burpee, it is very challenging and one most people hate. I love it because it takes you down(pushup position) and you jump back up. It is my life exercise haha. If you need some homeworkouts lady, that don't require much let me know. Would love to bless you. You have my email and I still am trying to get that blessing to you. Lori

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