*Hand Waving*

I have not had cell phone coverage since Sunday.
On top of that, my mail account shut me down because they
“suspected suspicious activity”.  Translation:
Where in the world are you woman?  
You never send emails from *that” remote place.
Hence, communication with the home front has been a trick,
to say the least.  I have to rely mostly on good ol’ Facebook
to know what is going on at home.
By the way, what did we ever used to do without Facebook?  
Yesterday I had not heard all day from the bossman.
I know he’s fine.  He’s gotta’ be.  After all, he’s the bossman.
I was guessing that the kids were all fine too.
Probably eating way too much junk food, but hey,
if they’re all happy, mama’s extremely happy.
However, my inquiring mind needed to know how Ruby was
doing.  Graham and I had made some plans for the evening
and were on our way, although I mentioned that I needed to
run and check and see if Daddy had FB’d me.  
Sure enough there was a message.
Now let me back up…just a speck.
Do you remember in the movie 
“You’ve Got Mail” when the big bad Fox Books 
opens and an author stops into the
little “Shop Around the Corner” to see how
their business is doing with the arrival of the
big, bad superstore?
Meg Ryan, the eternal optimist yet clearly a bit concerned
 by the dive in business
wants to pretend to this author/friend that everything is going to be
Birdie, played by good ol’ 
Jean Stapleton
waves her hand from the back room and yells,
“We’re fine.  Everything is fine.  No difference at all.”
It’s a favorite movie of ours and when we find a favorite movie
with some very comical lines, Dw and I will use them for years
{and years and years}.
With that as a backdrop, 
when I finally got a FB message from
Dw, here’s basically what it said,
Everything is going to be fine.
It’s okay.  
We’re all doing fine.
I have still been giggling.
That husband of mine with the great sense of humor.
I am so grateful for his willingness to watch the kids
so Ruby’s story could be written.
And for you Whitey:
Babe, *Hand waving*, we’re fine too.
We’ll be home as scheduled.  


One thought on “*Hand Waving*

  1. Lol–I LOVE that movie. My favorite line is when "George" says he's going home and lighting some eucalyptus candles "cause they make his apartment smell mossy" ha!!

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