We Remember – 6 Years Later

Six years ago today
we were on the adventure of a lifetime…
and today we celebrate the joy of
Forever Family….
Is there anything better than
Knowing the face exudes the peace from knowing,
“I belong.
Someone wanted me.
I am part of a family.
Orphan No More.”
In front of our little log home
{which we lost in the fire 18 months later}
just before hopping in the van to drive to Denver
as we began our journey to Ch*na on August 2nd, 2007….

August 4, 2007

Thankfully I had my camera out ready to snap a picture
“just in case” Isaiah was outside the orphanage…
He was!!
Isaiah had been told that morning that he had a family coming…
check out his pleased grin!!
One of my most favorite pictures ever…
he walks with such joyful determination…
Daddy meets the son that God {literally} 
moved mountains the size of
the Himalayans to bring this little guy home – 
our miracle son from Ch*na.

Saying goodbye to his special little friend.
If you know who that little guy is, we would love to know.
The orphanage was Langfang.
The day was August 4, 2007.

Isaiah was elated…laughing and talking to us in Ch*nese
Until darkness began to fall…
and he wanted to go back to the orphanage.

And then time passes,
memories heal…
and sadness and fear turn to peace and joy….

Oh the love of a forever family….


We couldn’t imagine our lives without this miracle treasure.
Ask our Isaiah Samuel what God can do…
and he responds without delay:

“He can move the mountains!”

Forever grateful for the mountains He moved to bring 
our treasured son home.  
We were told over and over, 
“Ch*na won’t change their mind.”  
But yet, God moved the Ch*nese Government 
on Isaiah’s behalf.  
He is definitely not a deadbeat dad.  
He loves the orphan and will move any 
government to bring a treasure home.    
We will praise His name forever.

“Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.”
Isaiah 49:23

28 thoughts on “We Remember – 6 Years Later

  1. WHOOHOO Isaiah, our God is an Awesome God and He does move mountains…You are a blessed young man..Love reading about you and how much God does move mountains..
    Love from NC

  2. Oh what a precious, joyous post! Such wonderful memories and faith building journey. It blessed me and reminded me to just relax and trust in our wonderfully, faithful, loving God. By the way….Love, love, love the dimples!!!! I just want to kiss those cheeks! Handsome little man!

    1. Sadly, the story of Isaiah was published through an adoption service. I have tried through email and phone to get access to his story, which they have never returned either calls or emails. I have been broken hearted and continue to pray that God will save it wherever it is in cyberspace until I can retrieve it and print it out. It was an amazing unfolding of the faithfulness of God. Join me in praying, if you would.

  3. I remember when his picture was posted by the Australia Doctor and said he had a family. They called him Toby and I was drawn to his smile. Even at that young age you could see in his smile he had a sweet spirit:)

    1. Yes! His name at Hope Foster home was Toby, he was moved though to the government orphanage where he resided until we were able to get him. He refers to that {govt one} as 'the bad place'. It was so painful to hear the stories. So grateful for this time at HFH. He was deeply loved there!

  4. All choked up reading this. So profoundly grateful for you Isaiah… God has done so many mighty things for you and His favor is on you! What a powerful, powerful testimony you have!

  5. I love it!!!!! hey just wanted to let you know, Jesus has had me praying for Ruby all day. I declare complete healing, with no water on the brain and zero malfunction in her sweet body in Jesus name.

  6. I love how stories/testimonies of what God has done help to encourage others. A friend read your story this morning and was prompted to pray for our family as we start our process to bring another child home. It was just the encouragement I needed this morning. I know it isn't easy putting your family's life out there for others and some have been so careless with their words towards you, but I want to personally thank you for sharing. It has changed and is changing lives! Love you friend!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. They are not taken lightly. My heart needed them today. Bless you my friend – and congratulations on beginning to bring your next treasure home. xo

  7. Wow! I can't believe it's been SIX years already!! I remember our church fasting/praying for Isaiah Samuel and a reversal of the government's decision. It was the first time I ever fasted. I cried when I heard about the MIRACLE that God Almighty made happen!! I have a picture of Isaiah in my Memorial Box and tell my grandchildren the story of how God moved mountains to bring him home to his forever family. Love & hugs to you, my friend! (Sure do miss you a ton!)

    1. Can you believe it's been six years? I knew you were one who prayed, fasted and pleaded with the Lord for our sweet Isaiah's release. Thank you for being part of his story….it's an amazing story. Hugs to you my sweet friend. I miss you too…xoxo

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