While the team was here a few days ago, one of the woman had a very clear word.  It wasn’t necessarily something that would be considered a “normal” word.  Yet, it resonated in my heart in a huge way.  I knew God was whispering something.  It kept ringing in my ears….

Within days Almighty God clearly revealed the significance of the scripture He had spoken through this sweet woman.

Oh sweet friends, spend time with Him.  

Talk to Him.  

Let Him whisper to you.  

He will share with you secrets with you.  And although this time the whispering has led to a difficult circumstance, He is gently navigating the white waters of this painful journey.  

He is faithful.  

He whispers secrets to those who fear Him, 
He makes His covenant known to them.   
Psalm 25:14

2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Oh, Linny…I've been reading posts from a few days past and my heart is breaking for those sweet boys. I'm a mom to all boys and Have fostered almost all boys. I have an 11 year old~I can't imagine him living on the streets. The mama in me just can't bear the thought of them being scared or hungry or lonely. Will be praying for sure.

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