We’re Done

Finally – 
It’s time for our new kitchen unveiling!
This is what it looked like before….

To begin with,

Dw made boxes for the top…

Then he put some sweet trim on it all…

Next it was time to paint them all…
Added a new oven fan/hood…
{old one was broken when we moved in}
He painted the walls a soft brown/beige… 
Installed new hardware…
And now we say  – 

So very tickled with that talented 
hard-working husband of mine…
We are lovin’ the new look!
{And he did it for next to nothing.}

25 thoughts on “We’re Done

  1. How beautiful!!! Love the cabinets with the color and the addition on top. So very nice!!! Love the next to nothing. That is so wonderful to have such talent so you don't have to pay for other's talent.

  2. Wow! Looks incredible! Did he just paint the old cabinets? We are hoping to paint ours because they are in rough shape and can't afford new ones. Just curious how he did it because they look so great! Enjoy your "new" room! 🙂

  3. Wow looks awesome and warm and like home. So I have light brown cabinets that need some white paint. Do you have to sand it all down. Do not mind some sanding but I have to pace myself ..haha.

    1. Liberty sanded it for him, then he painted a first coat and a second coat. Liberty sanded it with an electric sander…and then of course it all had to wiped down from the sand particles. He took his time…and it was done over many, many weeks. You can do it!! And boy oh boy, does it ever change the feel. Dw had not wanted to do it initially because he hated painting over wood. I prefer painted cabinets. Now he loves it and it was honestly done for next to nothing. Such a blessing.

    1. I have kicked around the idea of doing the island in a really fun color…after all, it can be changed in little time…so I keep searching the 'seconds' paint at Lowes and one day, perhaps, I will see a can that's a few dollars and will do the island a fun color. I was thinking a crazy bright blue! We'll see…

    2. Oh, I love the idea of a bright blue on the island! And that's just the kind of color you see at Lowe's on the discount rack! Hope you find a color you love! The kitchen looks amazing!

    3. Doesn't bright blue sound fun? I might even do a wall of it in the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen..next to the little string of cabinets…my washer and dryer were bought right after the fire and they are flaming red – so I have to work with that- isn't it funny, I could hardly wait to have fun red washer/dryer and now I'm like, "wow, white would be sweet. – haha" xo

  4. Your kitchen is lovely. Amazing what the difference in colour does. I hope you and the littles are enjoying making wonderful things in it.
    Sandy in the UK

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