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It has been a difficult week since hearing the news of Alicia Halpenny’s passing.  No doubt, many of you have been impacted by her life after reading her blog and hearing more about her.  

{The very same day we heard about Alicia, we also heard of the passing of a sweet young girl who attended our church in Colorado and had passed away from complications of Cerebral Palsy – such horrible news – and on the same day.}

Alicia was a remarkable servant of the most high God.  Her life will leave a lasting legacy reflecting God’s infinite love.  

Dw has actually been in Uganda for the last few weeks and precious friends immediately raised the money for Alicia’s love, Sammy to get a flight to Buffalo, New York for her memorial service.   Alicia’s last dying wish was that her family would ensure that Sammy would be able to come for her Memorial Service. 

After the funds were quickly raised, the Lord graciously opened the door for Sammy to actually fly with Dw, making the flights a speck easier on this Ugandan young man coming to the United States for the first time.   Dw flew with him right to Buffalo and Dw has been able to stay at the old homestead.

Today is Alicia’s Memorial Service and Alicia’s church is broadcasting the service live.  

It’s at 2pm Eastern time.

Please pray with us that the connection {on both ends} will be superior so that those watching in Uganda and around the world will be able to be part of it.  

I wanted to post the link to the live memorial service for those who may wish to tune in:

 Old Paths Chapel 

5 thoughts on “2:00pm EST Today

  1. Thanks for mentioning the service. I will be praying for you all.
    Have you ever heard the song Find us Faithful by Steve Green? I find it really special in times like this.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I wasn't going to click the link. I read this, I clicked over to her blog, I was going to leave it at that. Her story interested me because I am another young twenty-something who loves Africa, kids and Jesus. Lately I haven't really been living it though, since coming home from Kenya and dealing with "normal" life and a lot of difficulties. I felt sad for her family and friends, but I wasn't going to watch. God clearly had other ideas, and I watched the service, instead. And now I know that God was waiting to work in my heart big time through her story. I'm sitting here in tears. I thought I would share what I wrote while listening. I wish I could have met her, but someday, I will! What an incredible person. Here's how her story impacted me: http://walkingacrookedpath.blogspot.ca Thank you for sharing it here- I would never have come across it otherwise. I truly think God used it to wake me up to His heart again, and to start me back on the path to following his will.

    1. Jacquelyn, Through tears I told Dw about your comment. To God be the Glory – great things HE has done. He is so faithful…to take such enormous loss and orchestrate such beautiful restoration to His heart? Only He could do that. Stay the course Jacquelyn, stay the course – you will never regret it. Never.

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