She’s Dancing with Jesus Now, Yet We Grieve

Some of you might remember that back in March 2012 Dw flew home to see his mom just before she passed.  Emma, who had free flight privileges at the time, couldn’t bear the thought of daddy being there alone, so she flew to join him.  

On one of the evenings in Dw’s home town Dw and Emma headed to a little ice cream shop.  The beautiful young girl behind the counter struck up a conversation with them and before long Emma was sharing her heart about Africa and the orphans.    The young girl was more than intrigued – she wanted to GO too.  
But there was a huge factor that needed to be considered.  Alicia was born with Cystic Fibrosis, which is a terminal illness, which presents many medical challenges, given the best conditions!  Africa is not super conducive to such a critical medical condition.  
However, Alicia was not to be deterred.  She knew God was calling her and she was not about to be disobedient.  Three months later she was on the flight to serve with the June 2012 GO Team.  
Alicia and Emma roomed together and became sweet friends.
Last summer when we did our mega road trip across the country, we were able to see Alicia quite a bit and even go to Alicia’s parents for dinner.  Such precious people.   The kids had a blast playing in the park with Alicia…
Alicia Halpenny shares the story on her blog, how God radically changed her heart through her obedience to answer the call.   

Both Alicia and her parents returned with the January 2013 GO Team.    

In June of 2013 Alicia moved to Uganda as a short term missionary serving as a nurse with a local ministry.  
Just days ago Alicia had returned to the States to regroup and return to Uganda in January 2014.  Her health was not good when she had landed in New York and she ended up going straight to the hospital.
These last days she has been battling the CF and we received the horrific news that yesterday Alicia had crossed from this life into the arms of her waiting Savior.
Our family has cried buckets of tears, joining literally thousands around the world who weep her passing.  Alicia breathes freely now and is no doubt dancing with her precious Savior.  
She was only 23 years old and yet Alicia leaves a lasting legacy that far surpasses many who have lived 60, 70, 80 and 90 years.
Only one life t’will soon be passed, 
only what’s done for Christ will last. 
Her blog challenges each of us, in light of eternity.   It can be found here.   
May we serve with such obedience and may your obedience be multiplied exponentially in this lifetime.
Alicia: You left a lasting impression on our family.  
Your contagious joy, your selfless consideration of others, 
your courageous obedience, your unending encouragement and sacrificial love challenges all who knew you.    
You finished well, Alicia.  You finished well.
All who knew you loved you and we will always miss you.

7 thoughts on “She’s Dancing with Jesus Now, Yet We Grieve

  1. Sometimes I shed tears for families I don't know, and this is one of those times. May God comfort and sustain this beautiful young lady's family and friends, and fill them with peace as they grieve.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful witness of Loving God and Serving God. So sorry for your loss. Always confusing when the person who seems to be just what we need more of around here, isn't able to stay.

  3. Oh Linny… our hearts grieve with yours… We were so blessed to spend time with her and her parents last January with the GO Team… So so bittersweet… I rejoice for her… yet I mourn for our loss her on earth and my heart grieves deeply for her parents as I know she will be so so missed by so many! Even though she was sick… it still feels so sudden and shocking for some reason… What a contagious smile… what a others focused person… a precious sweet soul!

  4. I had went to school with her, was four years ahead of her! So sad and shocked when I heard about the news of her passion! May your beautiful soul be at R.IP. with God, his angels and, also with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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