Could It Already Be Two Years?

Two years ago Emma and I landed
in Phoenix with the most fragile 
treasure I’d ever held.

Today I just had to honor her and chronicle
the days leading up to our
landing in Phoenix…

Emma found you.
Daddy advocated for you.
I had the privilege of going to bring you home.

Meeting you.
Everywhere we had to go was so exhausting for you.
The attorney’s office, court, medical appointments,
your body fighting all the trauma you had endured
and the disease that was wracking your body…
Eventually we went to the missionary 
hospital for brain surgery…
it would buy you  more time till we could back
to the United States…

I read scripture and prayed it
over you as we waited for the surgery –
your fontanel bulging… 
16 months old and just over 10 pounds…
so frail…

Such serious expressions.
Your life had had such pain.
But finally you had a family of your own…
you didn’t understand what all that meant,
but you loved being held tenderly….

Twice we saw the glimpse of a smile.

It filled my heart with such hope.

Below is you in one of my favorite outfits…
it was 0 – 3 month size…and it was big on teeny, tiny you.

I took this picture of you with the magazine 
so we could remember just how fragile 
and frail you were for a 16 month old. 

and after 7.5 weeks we headed home to Phoenix
{only we didn’t know it would be truly home forever}.

Where many fierce medical battles waited…
Yet each battle was met with tremendous victory – 
by the power and grace of God…
And little treasure, 
once there were those who thought investment in 
your life was pointless…

Almighty God had something altogether different in mind…

He made you courageous

And armed you with a fighting spirit….

And a personality that love, love, loves people…

Because He has a plan for your life…

So when He heard the ‘medical professionals’

“She’ll never do anything”

The King of Kings said,

“Oh really?

Watch this!”
You are a jewel.
Oh Ruby…
our family would be so boring 

Everyday, you give us all a 
reason to cheer.

We are so grateful that you are ours
and Ruby,
you hear it with your own ears..
Seldom does a meal, prayer time
or thankful time pass that 
at least several of your siblings
say, “Thank you Lord for Ruby…”
A rare gem…
A remarkable testimony to the 
power and grace of God. 
Forever thankful you are home forever.

We love you to the moon and back
a bazillion times over
and we scream together, 
“Watch this!”

11 thoughts on “Could It Already Be Two Years?

  1. What a precious, priceless treasure you are Ruby Grace. We adore you and are exceedingly thankful to hear of the countless miracles God is performing in you and because of you. Even at your young age, God has made you an ambassador of His holy name. Keep declaring His majesty and power with your smiles and new steps. We love you all and look forward to our next time together!

  2. Thank you for sharing bits of Ruby's life with everyone through your blog. Because of her we have opened ourselves up to children with more lifelong special needs – including a sweet baby girl we're hoping and praying we'll be picked to parent.

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