She Even Got a Standing Ovation

The Belle of the Ball was elated yesterday that it was
her special day.
Mommy had been telling Miss Ruby 
for weeks that she was
going to be honored at the 
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Arizona
Gala last evening
{of all places} 
The Ritz-Carlton….
Miss Ruby giggled and shrieked 
as we prepared.
Who are we kidding?
We *all* giggled and shrieked 
as we prepared.

It’s not very often that we go to the Ritz-Carlton.
Okay, okay.
So we’ve never actually been to the Ritz-Carlton….
which is why I can say, “It’s not very often…”

Our treasures were all extremely tickled…
Isaiah wanted to know if the Ritz had big lights 
that hung with glass all over them.
Yes, little buddy, I’m pretty certain
there *are* chandeliers at the Ritz…
Our entire family was invited
compliments of UCP of AZ 
because of Ruby’s Ambassadorship.
The Gala was a fundraiser for UCP of AZ
the people in attendance were
influential people from all over Arizona –

quite an amazing opportunity for a family
with a pile of treasures gathered from 
around the world. 
A publicity group had come to our 
home and interviewed and filmed
and so there were two different video
presentations which featured Ruby…
Ruby Grace’s story was the feature 
of the program…
complete with her picture – 
Lil’ Miss Ambassador Ruby Grace!
After the second ‘full-length’ video
which told Ruby’s story, the MC
 introduced Miss Ruby
and our family…
and had us stand….

And the second they introduced Ruby
the crowd of probably about 500
jumped to their feet and clapped

No doubt, her story touched many
hearts that were in attendance…
many, many wanted to meet Ruby…
and she wiggled and giggled
as she was introduced to 
so many new friends.

UCP is supposed to provide us a copy of
the video and then, Lord willing, I will
be able to post it.
To know that she once lay in a 
garden, emaciated and dying
and now was honored as the
Ambassador of the UCP
 and clearly, 
shone as the 
Belle of the Ball –
Once again,
Almighty God whispered,
“Now watch this!”

20 thoughts on “She Even Got a Standing Ovation

  1. Oh how very wonderful. you all look so very glamourous! I love the photo with you talking to Ruby.
    But how very awesome that so many people were introduced to the very Wonderful and Awesome God! I hope they think about what HE has done.
    You all are so very precious. I wish I could meet you sometime. Do you, by any chance, fly through London on the way to Uganda? I live about a half hour from Heathrow and if you ever had a stop over there I would love to come see you off on the next leg of the journey.
    Or if you need to stop over night – well God gave us plenty of rooms in this house!
    Anyway, It will be great to see the video.
    In Christ,
    Sandy in the UK

  2. A true Cinderella story – from rags, neglect and misery to the riches of deepest love. 🙂 And she is totally rocking it in her princess gown. Actually you all look splendid – love the photos!

    1. That girlie has THE most beautiful smile! It just lights up everything, doesn't it? And I absolutely adore her in hot pink – excellent choice for her dress!!

  3. I don't know what to say… it warms my heart to see her smiling and getting the love all around her… I just love to see God in all this and waiting to hear and see more!!!! I treasure you deeply and God does even more… Blessings to all of you….

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