“It” Is Back

I’m often asked, 
“How do you do it?”
Or the most often heard comment I get,
“I could never do what you do.”
I think what they might be really saying is,
“You are silver-haired and 
should be empty-nesting it,
but ummmm, you have lots and lots of kids
even really little kids.”
To which I reply,
“Oh my gracious.  
I am having the time of my life.
These treasures are my joy.
Besides I know me, if I had an empty nest,
I would get into so much trouble.
I don’t even have time to think about trouble.”
One of the paramount goals in my life was
 to have my children look back on their
growing up years and remember that their mom
passionately loved Christ, 
instilled Godly values,
didn’t compromise on culture,
loved the orphan and oppressed in both word and deed,
lived simply,
laughed easily and often,
and was the wildest, craziest momma 
they could ever imagine.
But being quite truthful, 
 I had been feeling like I had lost my edge,
shall we say.
Life was wearying.
Lots of stuff had happened.
And even though the fire was a few years ago,
I knew that I had not really, truly been the same since.
I had begun to fervently pray that the
Lord would allow me to get ‘it’ back.
Whatever ‘it’ was, I’m not exactly sure,
but I know ‘it’ had not been around 
for a really, really long time.
And I longed to have ‘it’ return.
Sure in teeny, tiny bits my family would see ‘it’
in me over the years,
but overall, I knew ‘it’ was largely missing.
Now, lest my bloggy friends wonder
what in the world I’m talking about,
let me break it down like this,
my walk with God is powerful
and that has not been compromised in any way,
however “it” was the energy, spunk and lifeblood
that would effect every area of my life.
But the Lord has been hearing my heart’s cry.
And I do believe He has answered
in a dramatic, profound way,
and I can feel “it” –
and it feels wonderful.
I implemented a change that I felt like 
the Lord was directing me to,
and it has profoundly affected me.
I will be sharing with you all soon.  

Anyway, Dw has been in  
Africa with Emma 
and then on to New York for 
Alicia’s funeral.  
He was gone for a speck over 3 weeks. 
He returned last night.
I knew ‘it’ was back because 
while Dw was gone,
the kids and I organized most of our home to 
what our family would call “stellar”.
We had a yard sale to simplify things.
This Place Called Simplicity needed a simple
solution to the seemingly lifelong problem of
household chores and we
 implemented the best “chore” idea we have ever had.
{The house looks amazing, 
even Dw noticed and his first word was, 
And we had lots and lots of fun.
In fact last night Elijah was the one to ride with
me to the airport to pick up daddy.
As we were riding there, out of the back
seat came his precious little 6 year old voice,
“You’re the most fun mom.”
I know that is heard by zillions of you
regularly, but for this silver-haired mom,
tears welled.
Along with ‘it’ returning,
so were the out-of-the-box ideas this mama used to have
and the intentional plans for making
wild and crazy memories….
And I am so grateful for 
His persistent work in all our lives.
He cares about “it” and 
He hears our cries.
And just think, 
if I was an empty nester I wouldn’t have
this giggle as I look out my kitchen window…
And if I was an empty nester
I wouldn’t have had the joy of 
lots of ‘camp-outs’ with the kids
while Daddy was gone.
Each one taking a turn sleeping in daddy’s spot
and the others sharing the chairs 
turned into another “bed”…
{can’t camp on the floor with the thoughts 
of potential scorpions roaming.}
Nehemiah could hardly stand it when it was his turn 
to sleep with Mommy and Ruby….
it was a first for this little guy 
who lived way too long in an orphanage.

Yup, “it” is back and this
 mama is forever grateful
to the Lord for His faithfulness.

37 thoughts on ““It” Is Back

  1. Linny, to be completely honest, there is something I've lost as well. I can't name it but I know it's gone and I need it back as well. I've actually been praying the same sort of prayer and this encourages me SO much! To see "it" come back to you (something that maybe no one else realized was missing)… SURELY "it" will return to my life in full force, exceedingly and abundantly more. Thank you!! XO~Stacey

  2. Thank you for Monday's post and bringing to light the dedication of families of our military. It's really really hard on the kiddos when Daddy's gone for a long time.
    Also–please please share your chore idea. It's something we could definitely use!
    Lovin' what God is doin' in sweet Ruby's life!

  3. I have been crying to the LORD, for I feel lost right now…my “it” is gone. The last two adoptions have been HARD and I’m scared of not having the “it” again, that passion that I have always had, that loving the adventure that we were on….I’m feeling lost right now…sorry, just being honest. Your the first one that I have heard speak about this.

  4. Psst, over here – you got me on this post as I never want to be an empty nester either and I love, love, love all the adventures of being a mom to many. It is amazing how God does provide the energy, spunk, adventures needed in caring for kids recovering from trauma. I am so glad he chose my family to step up.

  5. Love, love,love this post! It's so real and me!! I've been praying to get "it" back, too, Linnie! "It" has been my heart since I was a little girl myself, but I've allowed the negative comments and fray of others to rob me of "it". Please pray for me. I truly believe we would be kindred spirits, Linnie. Thank you!

    Love to you and your Treasures,

  6. I love you Linny and I don't know you beyond what you gracefully share with the world right here. I almost never comment on the blogs I read, but figured this would be a good time to step out of the shadows and agree with the others who want to know your "chore" secret! Looking forward to that post!

  7. Wow, this is so right now for me. I thank God every day for the energy I do have. Yet, sometimes I feel like I have lost my edge as we have always kept things fun…..work and play. I am craving the balance since I am working and being mom and dad. I don't want my kids to remember me as anything but what you stated. I feel so overwhelmed with wanting to pour into them and this crazy work I have to do to take care of us. Its like I want something back that I feel I had a couple years ago. Praying He hears my heart and that one day I can adopt another treasure or more. I never want an empty nest and my kids always pray for a sister and brother.

    1. Oh sweet friend, I can't imagine single parenting a boatload. You are a hero! I pray as I type that God grants you the desires of your heart…and that your treasures understand your steadfast, unwavering love for them. xo PS Every time I look at the clock to call, it's midnight your time. Seriously.

  8. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I am also a empty nester who is still doing foster care and adoption. I have just adopted "our" little "Ruby". She is such a daddy's girl and like Ruby, she is surprising doctors with her abilities. No, she will never walk, but she can get where she wants to go.

    Mainly, I wanted to let you know that I love how much you share God with us. It seems like everyday, you knew I needed to hear what you shared. Thank you so much for helping to bring me back to the person God has always intended.

  9. I have lost my "it" this fall with all that it takes to homeschool five with special needs every day. The colder weather and shorter days aren't helping since I live in the far North East. My brother lives in AZ and I dream of AZ in the winter although the scorpion/bug thing would really bother me. We had a great summer too even with the transition of adding a fifth child to our family in March. Transitioning back to our homeschooling schedule has been hard! I keep praying and tweaking things (homeschool schedule, curriculum, chores, limiting most outside activities, etc.). My kids seem to be doing really well but this Mama is tired! I would love to hear more about what has helped you. I would also really like to hear more about how you make homeschooling work with so many. I have two with mild Intellectual disability and two others with ADHD (those are just the SN's related to learning). It is hard for me to juggle basic state requirements while trying to figure out what God wants me to focus on with each of my children who are all at different academic levels. This is probably not even a question to answer in detail on your blog for the general public since I can imagine the criticism if one is focusing homeschooling wise on God's plan versus what is expected from the state. It was only two and a half years ago that I was only homeschooling two and that is very very different from homeschooling five. Anyway, I am very happy to hear you are getting your "it" back and I look forward to hearing more.

  10. SO happy to read this, Linny. I've been so TIRED lately, and I don't think it is mainly physical. I just think my joy seeped out and I have begun to pray for God to bring it back. Your post encourages me! I KNOW God can do anything, but sometimes I just settle for less than His best. You've encouraged me to keep on asking! God bless.

  11. I thought it was just me! My kids would watch old family videos and say "i wish you were like that now, mom" My heart breaks when i hear that. Now reading these comments, i realize it happens to the best of us!! Feeling inspired to find my "it" and reclaim it!!!!

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