Joshua’s Big Day – Updated!

From Jennifer  3:15 pm Wednesday 12/11/2013

Off to the OR…

Off to surgery. That was quite a parade. We are a little anxious here in the surgery waiting area. We are ready to take the next steps!

10:30am EST Wednesday

Oh friends! Joshua has made it 24 hours without any major blips. We are breathing just a tad bit deeper this morning. They are chasing a few tails like bleeding, fluid levels, and learning what makes our boy most comfortable.

The big news is that our surgeon is planning on closing Joshua’s chest today. We are so ready for the zipper. With that comes signing yet another consent with all the associated risks. This will happen in the OR so Joshua will leave this room for the first time in ten days.

Some other procedures are planned for the end of the week and barring any complications, we may see those beautiful brown eyes early next week. Two weeks is a long time without our king of spunk ordering us around. We miss him.

Please pray for:
An uneventful chest closure and a stable heart. Also, Joshua has been crying a little and they are going to try and make him as comfortable as possible.

Be blessed. Today is what you have.

From Jennifer: 4:50pm EST

My son had a heart transplant. I can still hardly believe it. 
Today the heart machine was removed about the same time the new heart began beating exactly one week ago. Joshua has aced everything they asked of him. The surgeon was very pleased and the doctors are using words like “terrific” and ” very good” when they look at his numbers. Our nurse is vigilantly tweaking his meds and temperature to find the best place for him to begin his healing journey.

Can we say hallelujah?
You bet.
Only God could have ever written this story.
Thank you, faithful people.
Thank you.

Thank you to all who have been praying and fasting.  Your overwhelming response has been felt.

I will be passing updates along as Joshua’s mom updates…

Here is the first update:  10:00am EST

Big morning for Joshua. They have technically taken him off the heart machine and his new heart is chugging along nicely so far. They are bustling around getting him ready for his third bedside surgical procedure to take away the ecmo tubes. We are celebrating but a little anxious. The nurse and I agreed that today is a “do-over.” Joshua is starting from a better place and as long as things remain stable, we can begin the process of healing. They are watching a bunch of other things and we do have a long way to go but moving forward at a steady rate.

Giving God the glory. Thank you for your prayers.

20 thoughts on “Joshua’s Big Day – Updated!

    1. Just read the update! tears of joy flowing over here! Thank you Linny for sharing this need. It is wonderful to be able to pray and fast for a miracle like this. Oh, and he is just so adorable too!

    2. Girl, when I read the update tears were a-flowin'….there is such movement when a large group fast and pray…and I just have to believe that Joshua's situation is *exactly* what the Lord had in mind when He told us to "pray without ceasing" and to "fast and pray". Praise the Lord for the awesome news! And thank you lizzielou for sharing the joy!! xo

  1. sweet Joshua! Thank you Jesus for a positive report so far- we are excited for this little mans healing to continue- Praying supernatural peace over his momma.
    Hey, is there a link to her blog or anything just as a way to "get to know" the family we are praying for?

  2. Rejoicing in Tennessee. One of my scripture from my daily bible study today came from Jeremiah 32:27


    Thank you sweet Jesus!

    Smiling and thanking the Lord for Joshua's miracle,

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