Even Though Oceans Apart

Our Emma has been gone now for almost a full year.
And even though she is oceans apart,
she is always very near to our hearts…
We are so grateful for the ability to Skype 
on a semi-regular basis
{when she has power}.
I can’t imagine how missionary families
did it not-so-long ago.
Recently Emmy had an idea.
She sent a box of hot chocolate packets
and a box of marshmallow treats.
{both very exciting and special treats for our kids!}
And beginning with the youngest
and working her way up over several days
she spent time with each alone 
having a Skype ‘date’
as though she were right here at home.
It did my mama’s heart good to 
hear the sound of muffled chatter
as each sib reminisced, talked, 
and giggled 
with the big sister each one 
of them loves and misses so much.

As I understand it, 
Isaiah had some profound dating advice.

Ever thankful for Emma’s obedience in following 
the calling to the orphans of Africa which
God laid on her heart 15 years ago.
And even though we each miss her terribly
we are so thankful for 
the privilege of watching with a front row seat 
in all that Almighty God is doing.

13 thoughts on “Even Though Oceans Apart

    1. Drakefam – Those are actually curtains I brought from home to her. They were the girls bedroom curtains and that way it felt "familiar"…I felt like the Lord told me to encourage Emma with things that are familiar. When you think that most who "leave" home so to college for a few months and are home for a month…back to college for a couple of months and back home again for several months…we knew that it could be a loooonnng time till Emma would be coming home…and little pieces of home make life a bit more cozy.

      And as it turns out, she's just a few weeks shy of being there a year, and at this moment we are praying that sometime this year she will be able to come home for a visit.

  1. So very sweet!!! What a thoughtful daughter, you raised her well. And Elizabeth's face is priceless. That girl's got some serious personality! 🙂

    Amy in GA

  2. What a great big sister! Would love to have heard the conversation and the love that poured out of each of your Treasures!
    Have a great day tomorrow!
    Love, hollym.:)

  3. Oh Linny… such precious pictures… I love it… the siblings are just beaming! What a sweet gift! I can not imagine how hard it must be on your mama's heart to let each one go… yet you do it with such grace… encouraging them to follow the call God has given them… I love that about you and trust me lots of mamas who aren't there yet (with kids leaving the nest) I watch and tuck things away:) Love to you friend!

  4. What a terrific idea to help keep close at heart with each other. Your Emma is so sensitive to the needs of her siblings. How sweet to see the love on each of their faces when it was their turn to talk to their far away sister.

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