This December We Will Stop

I felt like the Lord gave me an idea for the month of December. I’m so excited to share with you all. 

No doubt in November there was tons of public thankfulness flowing with all the ways to ‘Countdown to Thanksgiving”…whether on Facebook, Instagram or a personal blog.  

It was so beautiful to see all the things friends were thankful for. Such an encouragement all the way around. 

On Thanksgiving bloggy friends invited all of us into their Thanksgiving celebrations {a personal fav} – that was so wonderfully fun!  

Then several of you took the challenge and went ahead and posted to Memorial Box Monday – and *that* went amazing well {thank you all}.

But I was thinking of a little twist on last month’s countdown to Thanksgiving. 

You know how December can get so unbelievably busy, 
if we let it?   Some times, all the hubbub, 
preparation and flurry of activities can pretty 
much take over our lives.  

I know there have been years where I have 
wondered what happened between Thanksgiving 
and Christmas that our thankfulness was 
kind of lost in the sauce.  

It was not a good feeling. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way. 

Sooo this would be different.  It would be a concerted effort to slow it all down, stop, reflect, pause and then share.

Soon there will be New Years goals shared and the focus on the new year, but this would celebrate the faithfulness of God this past year.  

Tomorrow there will be a Linky opportunity……

And in an effort to keep it simple…. 

1.  You are welcome to just share even one picture of something that God has done this year – a new treasure or a job provided or another sweet blessing – please link back to APlaceCalledSimplicity…    


2.  Of course, you are welcome to write a post sharing the way Almighty God ministered to your soul.


3.  And Thanksgiving worked so well, if you are on InstaGram, please share a photo and hashtag #aplacecalledsimplicity  


I am excited to visit your homes again and be encouraged by all that God has done for you.   

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