Mother’s Day for Me

All year long I look forward to Mother’s Day.
Not because I get a little break
{although that definitely has its perks}
but rather because of the joy of celebrating 
the thing I love most about my life:
Over the years culture has, 
at times,
placed little importance on the role of mothering…
however, the powerful effect ordinary moms
have had in history has, no doubt, been felt for generations. 
The day in and day out of seemingly mundane tasks, 
largely unnoticed by anyone,  
yet talking, listening, sharing, caring,
driving, cooking, baking, making, 
loving, snuggling,  
bandaging both wounds and hearts,
and somewhere along the way, 
powerfully changing the future!
Not many days of mine are glamourous.
In fact, basically none are.
Yet to know at the end of the day, 
little people love me unconditionally,
think I’m one of the coolest people they know
{they don’t even care that their mama’s hair is silver}
would rather hang out with me than just about anyone…
That’s what I’m talking about.
Not to mention knowing that of our grown treasures,
I have a beautiful relationship with the four who 
have left the nest and the one who is about to….
Completely Priceless.
This Mother’s Day was a different one though.
Dw is in Uganda and this year Mother’s Day fell on 
sweet Liberty’s birthday.
We couldn’t share.
No way!
We needed to honor our beautiful treasure,
on her day –  all her own – 
so we moved Mother’s Day to Saturday.
Well, about 2:00am Saturday morning
I was sound asleep…
but noticed something was amiss.
I woke up enough to wrinkle my nose 
and wonder,

“What is that smell?”

I was still more groggy than awake
and suddenly realized what that smell was….
as I felt dampness on my hip
and moving my hand down my side
I felt it.
Turns out Ruby had an intestinal virus and
there was well, you know, sloshy matter
in masses
all over the bed and I was actually laying in it.
I took a picture to show Dw via Skype.
He and Emma were completely grossed out.
I just wanted to be sure he saw what he missed!
So at 2:15 am,
my Mother’s Day morning,
 I was giving Ruby and myself a bath,
trying to clean the sheets before putting them in the wash,
and rummaging through the house in search of a 
second set of sheets…
which I never found and ended up making a make-shift 
sheet set out of small ones.
Ruby thought it was a total blast and squealed
and screeched with joy!


at our house

2:30 – 4:00 am!!
I was laughing to myself….
Not many silver-haired mamas of 55 are up
in the middle of the night
changing diarrhea sheets,
doing wash
 and bathing their 3 year old 
on their Mother’s Day!! 
And  ya’ know what?
I am so grateful for the privilege!!
Sleep was short
my five-pack showed up at my door with 
 breakfast in bed including Ruby’s food.
I was totally impressed.
{The teenagers were no where in sight!}
Ruby, the 5 pack and I snuggled and ate picnic style on my bed.
How’s that for the cutest faces to greet us?

And although Lauren, Tamara and Lynn have wondered about 
our matching outfits…
I hate to disappoint…
but I’m saving my pennies in hopes of new shirts so we can match 
when all my treasures 
and their littles are gathered for Graham’s wedding this summer.  

The theme this year was Recycle {again}!!  

 Elijah had just got hit in the eye as we laid down for the picture…his expression says, 
“My eye is killing me, I’m suffering in deep pain – now just hurry up with the picture, please!”  

I pray that your Mother’s Day were a celebration of the gift you have in being a mama
and for those who long to be moms…may this be the year God grants you the desires of your heart.  

12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for Me

  1. !Oh. my. goodness! Only you my friend…..your story is amazing, gross, funny, and sweet all in one! Sending big hugs and love to one of the greatest mom's I know and am proud to call friend……..

    1. I love you Renee. I am always grateful for you (and Joel too). xo PS I can text you the pic I showed Dw and Emma. It was a rare one – even to this Mom of Many!

  2. too funny! I woke at 430 in a wet mess as well and had a similar experience. no bed to picnic on as it really didn't recover in time. good thing the day included a nap!

  3. Reminds me of the Mother's Day when my ill 7-year old told me, "I'm sorry that you have to clean up my puke on Mother's Day!"

    Hope that it got better after that!

    1. Jennifer!! I totally forgot to point out Ruby's little foot – so excited you noticed!! She totally feels everything and so she was moseying over my plate to see what was on there…but think about it, she can't sit up and check it out….so she was snooping it out with her sweet little toesies!! I *love, love, love* that you noticed. And just think – they said she'd never do anything!! Crazy docs!!

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