Not Sure What’s Going On….

 So I’m not really sure what’s going on….
but we are all shaking our heads, giggling and loving it!!

Let’s see…Dw’s been in Uganda for about 3.5 weeks currently.  And not long
after he left, we were out and came home to find that someone had been by
and anonymously had left a ton {and I mean a ton} of food.  Some of it was in on ice.
It had been outside about 1/2 hour –  at the most!

We were so grateful and thanked the Lord over and over for His provision from
our anonymous but very generous friends!

Then about two weeks ago there was a knock on the front door and there was my next door neighbor.  I don’t really know her well but she asked, “Do you guys like yogurt?”  I told her we did and then she asked if we liked chocolate milk.    Before long we had a zillion {almost} yogurt containers in our fridge and a bunch of chocolate milk.

We were overjoyed and thanked the Lord for His obvious provision.

Then if that wasn’t enough….yesterday evening we were all outside playing in the back yard
when I heard a voice call to Liberty, who was near the pool,

“Is your mom here?”

I’ll be honest, I thought,

“Oh no.   Are we in trouble?”

{Admittedly I have large-family-syndrome.}

After all, our yard is small, all things considered and it is very noisy.
It sounds like the entire city of Phoenix is playing in the yard most days…
and it’s just my treasures.

I popped my head around so she could see me as I was holding Ruby under
the covering.  My neighbor behind us, whom I had not seen before began,
“I know you have a lot of kids and well my husband is a food broker and
we have so much food….”  About that time her husband popped his head
over and smiling said, “If you are okay with us bringing food over,
we would love to come and meet your family.”

Through my laughter I answered, “I thought we were in trouble for something!
We would love for you to come over and meet us and we will take any food
you want to throw our way!”

About a half hour later the mom, dad, son and granddaughter came
carrying four boxes of food – two full of all kinds of frozen things!
From tamales to several kinds of ice cream treats – and yes, some of it was
even gluten free! There was orange juice and tuna and all kinds of goodies.

They spent some time as we shared a bit of our story and they shared theirs.
They were teary as they met Ruby and saw the picture we have of her.
The husband remarked with emotion, “Oh!!  God bless you!”  I said, “He has
blessed me – over and over – look at all these treasures we have!”

In the midst of the conversation, he emphatically told me, 
“I make a commitment to you – buy a freezer for your garage 
and I will keep it full.   I’m serious!”

They gave me their number and said, “Now we’re completely serious, when you
start to run low, just text us…we’ll bring send some food right over.”

I am still laughing.

Some people have the notion that big cities are 
unfriendly and impersonal.  We have
found Phoenix to be the complete opposite!!
From healthcare professionals to neighbors – 
we have been soooooo abundantly blessed!

Just imagine we have neighbors who give us their giant Rainbow System
play-set, neighbors who broke it down, moved it and set it up again,
and precious friends and neighbors who deliver food randomly!

We are blown away.


And although we are not sure what’s going on…

this we do know….

“But my God shall supply all your need according to His 
riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  
Philippians 4:19

PS We love Phoenix!!  Our only regret?  That we didn’t get here sooner!!

21 thoughts on “Not Sure What’s Going On….

  1. Oh Linny, this amazing. We know what is going on. God is going on! Provision…….that can only be orchestrated by God! I am loving it! Sending big hugs today, friend.

  2. Wow. What wonderful neighbors you have discovered! I bet you guys will have a wonderful neighborly relationship 🙂 they sound so kind

    1. Speechless right along with you. Dw's been gone four weeks…and all this has happened since he left – 3 food deliveries and one giant play set. Amazing. Only God.

  3. I am so very glad you post these stories. They encourage my heart, build my faith, and bring me fresh doses of joy at the most important times. It is also teaching me to ask God where His heart is for me and what He wants me to see in terms of what He's doing in my own life. thank you for posting such a gift of joy!

  4. Oh wow. God is so so good!! Isn't He awesome at answering those prayers we haven't even muttered yet?!

    And uh, is there a house for rent on your street? 😉

  5. So…what else do you need? I am sure there is a neighbour across the street you need to meet as well! LOL
    Isn't God good?
    Are your kids doing the specific prayer thing about things like ice cream and stuff, by any chance?
    Big grins,
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Haha. Yes, Sandy, the kids and I pray for specific things…although we don't name "ice cream" actually…it must be the extra special kiss from heaven! We don't do much treats, hardly ever…but apparently the Lord wanted them to giggle big time! Hugs from Phoenix!

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