Almighty God is Moving….

FoxNews reports here that Meriam is to be freed 
from Death Row in the next few days.

BBC also reports that Meriam will be released soon.

There is no doubt that this is the work of 
Almighty God 
stirring the hearts of His people to intercede, 
fast and take action!!

We praise the name of the Lord for this sudden

Take note of the size of Meriam’s arms. 

Remember the Sudanese Embassy had just released
a report confirming their approval of her
sentencing…so for this to have turned around
is an astounding and completely amazing God-sized

All of you who have prayed for her, advocated
for her release and shared with your friends
and family – there are no words to adequately 
express how beautiful your show of love and
care has been!  

You guys are the best!

Please continue to pray for swiftness
in Meriam and her children’s release.
She and her children should have never
been in there to begin with and they
need to be out –  NOW! 

Also please pray that they do not enforce Meriam’s
sentencing of her 100 lashes!  

Remember – it’s not over until Meriam and 
her children, together with her husband, 
have actually left the country!!  

“Continue to remember those in prison as if 
you were together with them in prison, 
and those who are mistreated as if you 
yourselves were suffering.”  
Hebrews 13:3

The site for the White House petitions is not working…however, I am still going to continue to ask people to sign the petition just in case anything suddenly changes again.   I encourage you to do the same.    

14 thoughts on “Almighty God is Moving….

    1. So disheartening to find that their words were hollow! And the momentum worldwide was quelled, no doubt. I pray we all keep raising our voices LOUDLY! Who can imagine?

  1. I heard this today at church! How very exciting. and even if they are playing with words, now the global community will really come down hard if they don't stand by it.
    We will keep praying!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. it's so amazing that Meriam will be released soon. I didn't know both her children were there in prison…just that she gave birth there. I will continue to pray for her and the family. I'm also thankful that Sgt. Bo Bergdalh was found and released and in safe hands. We've been praying for him since he was captured. Thank you, Abba Father!

  3. Thank you for urging us to continue to pray and to campaign for the release of this precious person. Here in the UK the latest news is that the authorities are not intending to release her. We are waiting and hoping and praying for better news. Yesterday our pastor preached a wonderful sermon on Jesus interceding for us on God's right hand as we pray. A wonderful encouragement to continue to pray.

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