They’re Down

With praises on my lips and my heart full of thankfulness,
I went out front today
and untied the yellow ribbons 
that were wrapped around our palm trees.
Do you remember I put them up here to
symbolically remind our friends, family and neighbors that
we are one of the families that waits
for our hero?
With Special Forc*s the times “away” are
“shorter” but more frequent.  
But trust me, they are not easy in any way.
Eight times and the Lord’s protective hand remained.
Thank you to all who pray regularly for that 
hero-son of ours.

We are so grateful for your prayers.
Please continue to pray for those who continue to train,
those d*ployed and the families that love them oh-so-much!!

17 thoughts on “They’re Down

  1. oh shouts of joy and praise unceasing!!! Hallelujah he is home! How faithful and awesome is God! So happy about this priceless news! Yay! Praying sweet time together! <3cindy

    1. Thank you cindy!! We are thrilled. It was so great to Skype with him and his sweet wife and 2 treasures! And his little ones cannot stop beaming!! They are giddy!! {Ha! So is his wife}

    1. We couldn't be prouder of our son and his many honors bestowed upon him for his bravery and actions by our govt. However, it's a good thing that I let my natural silver hair go because if I was trying to cover it – it would be impossible with the stress that his service brings, not to mention all that Emma being a missionary means! Emma and Tyler were my two most laid back, close buddies and both such easy ones to raise….and that is something to take note of – cause they sure make up for it now!! So proud of both and their dedicated hearts for the Lord, but me-oh-my!

  2. So excited Linny. My heart aches for those who fight to keep us safe and the families whom they have to leave behind. Praying for all those families who sacrifice everyday for my freedom. On behalf of all Canadian and our fellow neighbours.

    Prayers and hugs,

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