Ruby’s Miraculous Debut…

Well that girl of ours, 
who has stolen everyone’s heart, 
has been up to something
quite miraculous!!
Actually the first time Ruby did this
{which was way back in early April}
I literally almost fell over….
and I could not stop between giggling and crying, 
all the while worshipping the Lord!!
But try as I might, 
I had not been able to catch it on video…
and even though the video I share today is not
the best representation of what she can do,
you will see for yourself… 

our Miraculous God is at work 
in her sweet little self, 
 big time…
For you who are new to our Place Called Simplicity,
Ruby’s story is an almost
unbelievable one of medical
professionals saying that Ruby, 
{who was found in a crib in the 
corner of an orphanage,
weighing 6 lbs. and already one year old}
never be able to do anything.
At all.
And about the exact same time that 
 the medical doctor who had
reviewed Ruby’s MRI announced,
 “She will never do anything, forget about her,
don’t even bother feeding her…” 
Well right about that exact same time 
our Mighty and Powerful God had 
sent a mission’s team who by God’s divine plan was 
led by a young woman and her daddy who both 
had a passion for medically fragile
little ones and decided that this little one
was not going to die on their watch…
and even though the medical professionals 
were not believing God or man could do anything,
that young woman and her daddy
knew the power of prayer and the
demonstrative, healing love of 
their mighty and all-powerful God…
And the rest is history….
So a little background on this video 
and the story behind it…
Every day when Daddy was in Africa with fragile and weak little Ruby,
he would spend his moments singing to her, 
the same song, 
over and over and over
“Oh how I love Jesus, 
Oh how I love Jesus, 
Oh how I love Jesus,
because He first loved me.   
There is a name I love to hear, 
I love to sing His worth,
it sounds like music in my ear, 
the sweetest name on Earth.  
Oh how I love Jesus.
Oh how I love Jesus.  
Oh how I love Jesus.  
Because He first loved me.”
June 2011- the day Emma found Ruby                             June 2012 – one year later
And every day since going to Africa to bring
our treasure home, I have sung 
the same song.
Over and over and over.
Oh how I love Jesus….
And in early April as I was tucking Ruby in 
for the night, 
after routinely praying and singing, 
“Oh how I love Jesus…”
I turned to leave the room
and walking toward our bedroom door 
I heard the softest, sweetest sound in all the world…
I froze in place!!
Could I be hearing what I thought I was hearing??
In perfect pitch and without missing a beat…
The sweetest hum of

“Oh how I love Jesus….”
If I hadn’t already tucked all our treasures
in upstairs, I would have thought one of 
them was hiding in the corner humming, 
because it was absolutely 
perfectly hummed – 
an entire full verse!!
It’s a little hard to hear as she insists on banging her head 
with enthusiasm this particular day…
but listen closely and you will hear the entire verse….
I think it is so fitting that Ruby’s first song
“Oh how I love Jesus”….

Since April, Ruby has added to her repertoire
{all on her own}
the following: 
Kristian Stanfill’s “Always”….

Itzy-Bitzy Spider
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
for a bit of European flavor  
Frere Jacques
And truly, doesn’t she just look so beautiful in the video?
Her sweet spirit exudes her tender 
love for Jesus.
And yes, we are completely smitten.
All praise, honor, glory to the King of Kings –
for He has done great things!!
Thank you for sharing our joy.

“Sing to the LORD a new song, 
for he has done marvelous things.”
Psalm 98:1

28 thoughts on “Ruby’s Miraculous Debut…

    1. I love that I was able to capture some of her personality. Her flinging her head to the side when she was done and kind of gasping was totally, "Okay, I'm done. I did what you asked. I give!" She's a hoot.

    1. If you were to hear her, on an average day, you never have to wonder what song she is humming – it is crystal clear! In fact, one day we were getting ready to Bible and Elijah was singing "Always" by Kristian Stanfill. {It was a 'staple' in our home recently during a difficult season.}…anyway, I turned toward Elijah and said, "Okay, buddy, we're going to start now…" and he stopped singing midstream only finishing the line he was on at that moment. And just as instantly as he stopped, Ruby started right up where he had left off…We all were yelping and rejoicing loudly! That girl!! She's phenomenal!! All praise to the Lord!

    1. You're sweet, but I promise, any music that comes from my lips is not usually deemed 'beautiful'. I prayed that He would help me sound okay – and He answered!! Faithful God.

    1. Complete awesomeness! G-d bless her, and you too!

      Also, this musician would like to point out that she was banging her head 100% on the beat with her humming, which is very significant in itself. Rhythm is a right brain skill and is the underpinning of a great deal of learning. (There's actually a therapy program called Interactive Metronome, which helps kids with learning disabilities to regulate movement and learning, retraining the brain by developing the skill to move rhythmically.) Maybe a music therapist would be really helpful for her… certainly seems that she would respond well.

    2. Wow Penny!! YOu are right! She does bang rhythmically!! She actually bangs her hand with a beat quite often. Music is her way of communicating a lot of the time – and we are in awe!! Thank you for your professional opinion! You are amazing my friend!! xoxo

  1. Oh wow! I have just been catching up as we were away. So many special things. Jubilee with her special attention popcorn, Emma and all the new gems and Karl + Amber's sweet little one to add to your grand-treasures. And the beautiful song of someone God cares for so much.
    I remember somewhere ages ago hearing a young man with special needs singing the special music in church. He travelled with the organiser of a Christian home for the disabled, to tell about the work of the home. So, maybe one day Ruby will be a voice for Gems like Emma's!
    Just so grateful to God right now.
    Sandy in the UK
    PS – oh mustn't forget your beautiful laundry room! 😉

    1. SO many beautiful things- thank you for sharing our joy…and I dream of Ruby and her story being a spokesperson for Vulnerable Treasures around the world!! Pray with me to that end! PS My laundry room makes my heart smile – I actually am enjoying going in there now!

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