Today Is Your Wedding Day…

Although separated by continents and massive oceans our family is joined by
hearts to one another.   We are all very close.  And trust me, I don’t take that
lightly…it is a rare gift and a beautiful privilege.  We have each other’s back.
We are fiercely loyal.  We share each other’s joys, triumphs, griefs, cares and concerns.

We are family.

We have our quirks, we have our luny moments and we are definitely not perfect.

But we love each other.


Gathered from all over the world…. WE ARE FAMILY!!

Blessed beyond measure with each other.

And yes, what happens in our family, stays in our home.

True story.

Today Emma wrote one of the most moving posts I have ever read.

Tears well at all the emotions associated with it all.

Today is Your Wedding Day….

Please continue to pray that Skype will work so she can join in….she’s curling her hair
and she will be all dressed up to join via Skype at 2:30am her time.

And if you haven’t “liked” The Gem Foundation on Facebook yet,
today would be a really beautiful day to do that.


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