The Wedding….

 It was such a joy to  have most of our treasures and their treasures
home for the wedding.
We had 23 sleeping in our 4 bedroom home.
Not sure.
But we made it work.
There were kids on the floor, couches with bodies
{never quite sure who would be where}
and teething, sleepless, none-too-happy babies everywhere.
And Mimi was overjoyed!  
Thank you to all who prayed that Skype would work.
It worked perfectly as we waited for the wedding to start!!
I was able to walk around the little church and allow Emma
to say hello to dear old friends. 
I even tweeted that it was working great!
But literally, 
as the wedding started
Skype stopped!
Emma was able to see a speck of the wedding, 
but it kept glitching in and out.
As for pictures,
Graham and Savannah requested that
their wedding be “unplugged”
which in lay terms meant 
we weren’t allowed to take pictures.
The thought being that we were just to enjoy the wedding
without worrying about getting pictures of the big event.
[New concept for this ol’ mama and daddy.]
Hence, the pictures I have are what others took
at the reception, with the exception of a few I took 
before the wedding started.
The photos speak for themselves:
They both looked beautiful,
they clearly had a blast and
from the Instagram pictures they’ve posted
their honeymoon in Central America is divine!!
The wedding was at 
which was right out of the 1800’s.
Our old friend Stuart and his wife Jennifer graciously
opened their home for the reception.  This is where we celebrated
last Thanksgiving.  Do you remember how beautiful it was?

So here’s a few pictures in kind
of random order…
Lord willing, more pictures to follow one day.
At the reception – 
now Mr. & Mrs.  

Big brother was the best man…

Waiting for the wedding to start:  
Everlly Rain
{our 7th grandtreasure}

Our beautiful Autumn and baby Everlly

Ryan plays Mr. Mom while our Abi of 
uses her talents for brother’s wedding
Ruby and her BFF Lindsey
Ask Isaiah what his favorite part of the wedding was?
The reception!!
{Food and friends, in that order!}

Liberty and some of her sweet friends…
They’ve all been to Uganda on different GO Teams…
great mission-minded orphan-lovin’ kids now great friends!
{left to right: Caleb, Emma, Louis, Liberty and Logan}

Some of my dearest friends…
Kimmy and Sara 
{fellow adoptive, mission and orphan-loving mamas}

Joy of joys!! 
It’s a new Mr. & Mrs. !!

6 thoughts on “The Wedding….

  1. Congratulations!! Praying for a lifetime of happiness for this dear couple!!
    I think I have lost track of your grandbabies! My goodness- do you have 7 !?! Awesome!
    Hugs from MN sweet friend!

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