Two Things…

Yesterday morning, as I was reaching to fill my coffee mug, I turned just in time to see the news:

Meriam’s arrival on United States soil….

Oh me.

Doesn’t she look stunning?  Her handsome husband, Daniel looks overwhelmed with emotion.

To think, that she was sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her love of God…

To think that she gave birth on Death Row….

To think that she was supposed to receive 100 lashes as well….

And here she is…


The power of God displayed after prayers from around the world reached Heaven’s throne….

Friends –

We were part of that!!

How beautiful to have my little treasures cheer with me as we watched the news yesterday morning – my treasures had all fasted and prayed many, many earnest prayers for Meriam and her children.

Oh thank you sweet Jesus – Meriam Ibrahim is free!  

And we Got To Be Part of Her Rescue – 
just because we prayed {and fasted}!  

I am overwhelmed by the reality of it all….

There is no doubt, 
God moves when people join together 
in prayer {and fasting}!!

So on the heels of Meriam’s freedom,  I come to you today with another request….

Our Place Called Simplicity is known as a place of corporate prayer and fasting.   And truthfully, we have seen God do some amazing things!!

So I humbly ask….

As most know,
at this moment,
there are two American missionaries who have been giving
their lives away caring for those stricken with the deadly Ebola virus.

Though Kent Brantly and Nancy Whitebol have followed the medical protocol diligently,
in the midst of their sacrificial lifestyle,
 they have also contracted Ebola virus.

Dr. Kent Brantly serves with Samaritan’s Purse {a ministry founded by Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham} and Nancy is a nurse serving with SIM, they work together.  To tell you what type of man Dr. Brantly is…when ONE single dose of experimental medicine was brought to Liberia,
Dr. Kent Brantly insisted it be given to Nancy.  Greater love has no one then this…
that he lay down his life for his friends.  Amazing.

Kent arrived today in the United States {of which he is a citizen} for treatment.
Nancy Writebol will be en route at any time now to the same hospital.

Actually Megan, who is part of The Knee Team 
{a prayer ministry of A Place Called Simplicity} 
is friends with Nancy Writebol’s daughter.    

The virus is extremely serious and known to be quite deadly.

But no matter the medical prognosis, 
we know the Chief Physician – 
His name is Jehovah Rapha – 
the God who heals!!

Remember how Queen Esther was used by God to call a National Fast
to overturn the deadly fate of the entire population of Israel?

The Hebrew nation fasted and prayed for three days….
and Almighty God was working behind the scenes…
and although the outcome was uncertain from human eyes…
God moved in a powerful,
in an as-only-God-can-do way…
and the entire nation was spared death!

Of course missionaries are close to our heart over here at our home….
and their situation is extremely critical…

Just think about it:

WE GET TO be part of 
Kent and Nancy’s story…

Would you be willing to pray 
{and fast}
with us for three things?

1.  Complete healing for Kent Brantly.

2.  Complete healing for Nancy Writebol.
3.  The immediate end to the deadly Ebola virus
that has already claimed over 700+ lives in
Western Africa. 
God is more than able,
that’s why we refer to Him as our
gasp-giving God.
Please ask your 
prayer circles,
prayer chains,
Bible studies,
your friends and your family
to join us on 
August 4th, 2014.

Read only if you are curious about 
I have had many letters over the years from bloggy friends 
commenting that they ‘wish’ they knew God better.
Well sweet friends, I attribute my close relationship 
with my Lord and Savior
due largely in part to the time I have spent praying 
and fasting.

Don’t get me wrong.
I love to eat.
I love yummy food.
I enjoy looking forward to what
I’m going to eat on any given day.
Yet, I know, 
personally speaking, 
that my close walk with God
has greatly paralleled my denial of
the temporary pleasure of food to have a 
longer-lasting pleasure – – –
hearing Him whisper secrets to me.
In Psalm 25:14 we are told,
“He whisper secrets [confides]
to those who fear him.”

I am astounded that the God of the Universe would 
whisper secrets to me.  
Yet He does.  
Sometimes daily.
Not because I’m anyone special.
He whispers because I fear {obey} Him,
I long to hear Him,
and I am willing to wait to hear Him.  

So if you are longing to grow in your walk with
the Lord, why not begin this Monday, 
by joining us
for prayer and fasting?
What does fasting mean?

In the Bible Esther’s fast that she called for was

a denial of food and water for three days.
To be perfectly honest, 
there is no where in the Bible where a fast 
is a “I won’t eat chocolate today and I’ll call it a fast”.
No, fasting is always mentioned as a 
complete denial of food….
He longs to have deep conversations with us.
He longs to whisper to us.
He longs to move in our lives.
His desire is that we live faith-filled lives!
He wants to have us know Him intimately.
It’s actually not mentioned in the Bible as optional….
Matthew 6:16…
“When you fast…”

So my challenge to you….
If you have been wondering 
about fasting….Please join in on Monday
by intentionally skipping one meal 
{at least, for starters}
instead of the time preparing it and
eating it, 
spend that time in prayer by
telling the Lord how much you love Him,
how grateful you are for Him,
asking God to speak to you, 
to change anything about you that He wills,
and to move on behalf of Kent, Nancy
and the entire affected nations?

You will have no regrets!!

4 thoughts on “Two Things…

  1. We are praying here about the Ebola virus epidemic. I heard about the American Doctor, and we prayed for him at church, but I didn't realise he was a Christian. So, we will also pray for his testimony to the medical profession in America.
    (Our church has a time of open prayer instead of a Pastoral prayer in the service. It is amazing how God uses that to draw us all closer together and to show us that even though we are very small, God uses our prayers on a global scale.) Isn't it precious to have those whispers from God about what He wants us to bring to Him?

    Thanks for showing the wonderful photo of Meriam and her husband!
    God Bless you Linny for encouraging us all to walk closer to Him.

  2. Praising God that Meriam and her husband and children are here in America and safer. Praying for the two missionaries who have ebola. Prayer works wonders. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  3. I was so happy to see Miriam on US soil, too! My heart aches for all the suffering from this virus in Africa. As we pray, let us not forget about the US citizen who went to his native Iran to open an orphanage. He has been in prison there for 2 years, beaten and tortured for his faith in Christ. Our nation is doing nothing while his wife and children pray for him daily. Can we remember him, too? He is a pastor from Idaho, Pastor Saeed Abedini.

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