A Ruby Spotting!!

We were pretty giddy over here when I received a text the other day
 from our friend Kimmy telling me that her husband Bruce had been
at the check-out of their local Circle K 
{a convenience store} 
here in the Phoenix area and found our littlest treasure
on the United Cerebral Palsy fundraising display!!
Oh yes, indeed – 
there has been a Ruby spotting!
Check this treasure out!!
No one could have dreamed it possible – 

A speck over three years ago 
 a severely abused little Ruby lay dying 
in the blistering African sun…

and yet today, 

by a mighty move of our omnipotent God
that precious little treasure
was rescued by Him 
and is ‘modeling’ and a ‘spokesperson’
 for United Cerebral Palsy of Arizona….
Only God!!
To think He took a nameless, faceless
little treasure with infinite value
and brought her to place where she would be a
little visual spokesperson for a valued organization 
that ministers to those with special needs….
Who could have ever imagined that?
Only God!!
If you happen to be in the Phoenix area and venture
into a Circle K store and find Ruby’s picture on 
the canister, please snap a picture and email it to me
with the location of the Circle K.
Thank you so much!
I’m going to keep them all in a scrapbook for her!
Subject:  Ruby spotting!


I have been sequestered away this week as I finish up writing Ruby’s book.  
I think I have four chapters left to write!  
Lord willing they will be done by mid-Friday!
This is my screensaver as I write:

Ruby Grace just before I brought her home.
18 months old and approximately 11 lbs.

5 thoughts on “A Ruby Spotting!!

  1. Looks like there's about to be an influx of donations for United Cerebral Palsy… Who could resist that that gorgeous girl of yours?! They couldn't have picked a more beautiful child with a more beautiful story to be the face of their organization 🙂

  2. How cool is that!
    I have been away again, but thanks for mentioning you are writing. I will pray for you while I regather strength.
    I am also gathering some close-to-God answers to prayer which I may be able to soon write down for you to share with others.
    Glad to know that Jubilee has come through the surgery. Will keep praying and thinking of you all.
    Love from here in the UK

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