This is called a gem.
This is known as an antique necklace full of gems.

But this is the true definition of
An Authentic Gem.

And this is also the definition of an authentic gem.
I am leading a team of women to love on the 
precious hidden gems of Uganda.
Would you like to come along?
We will be serving
as well as in 
street feeding program.
Some of the beautiful things we will have the privilege 
of doing is loving on this sweet gem
and this one…

as well as this gem….
and this handsome gem…

We get to!!

We will be spending our days 
ministering to these precious gems…
loving them, feeding them, reading to them,
playing with them, painting with them,
and even having wheelchair races!!
We will be having a day of honoring the caregivers who 
lovingly care for the gems as well!
Oh yeah.
It will be, perhaps, one of the most valuable 
times of your life!
October 2014 GO Team
October 7th – October 17th
{approximate dates}
$1450. Team fee 
Plus airfare
For an application, go here.

Subject:  October 2014
[Include your phone number and we will call you.]

2 thoughts on “Gems…

  1. I am so excited about being on one of the Gem's teams!! I am going to sponsor Jesse! His little face just calls to me. I wish I could go on this next mission trip but I will be in nursing school. I know I will get there some day though and meet Jesse in person. 🙂

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