Did You Guys See These Heroes?

Yesterday my sweet friend tagged my in this video she had posted on her
 Facebook wall.
This song has a extremely significant meaning to 
me, personally, as God used it to prophetically
tell me that we had an Elijah coming home,
although I had no idea where from!
Then He used it to tell me that it would 
be “days” till Elijah and Elizabeth came home
and “years” till Jubilee came home.
True to His word,
He did have a handsome little guy named Elijah
who we welcomed home
Elizabeth was His little surprise for me
{oh how I love surprises!}
Elijah and Elizabeth came home December 18, 2008
Jubilee came home December 24, 2009
He had whispered complete truth!!
So yesterday, the second I began to watch it, 
I began to cry, then I started to giggle and then to cheer.
I played it over and over and over.  
So often today our military is degraded and not 
treated with the respect they deserve.
They defend our country because they love our
country and they love our freedom!
These guys not only know this song,
they sing with the hand motions
they sing it with joy!
And the words couldn’t be more true!
We are living in perilous days, at best.
But God is on the throne and He is riding in victory!!
Pray for our military with me!!

3 thoughts on “Did You Guys See These Heroes?

  1. Not sure if my comment went through or not. I don't think so so let me try again. Thank you for sharing this video. I saw it yesterday on my feed and shared it around. Love it,. My eyes were drawn to the few men standing ramrod straight and hanging on their hands in front of them as if they feared they might let go and join in. I pray the Lord will touch them and fill them with His joy. Praying for your soldier boy.

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