Never a better time to find something you love.
Never a better season to begin to shop.
Never a better place to spend your hard earned money.
Knowing that every dollar of each purchase 
feeds orphans and the vulnerable street children in
Uganda and India.  
our feeding program to India!!  
There are few places that have this commitment 
and promise:
Every dollar spent on an item goes to feeding an orphan
or vulnerable street child.
Buy an item for $20 and $20 goes directly into our feeding program.
Not one penny is deducted for overhead.
It’s a Win/Win
Check out some of the amazing things that
have been made and sent to the Orphan Wares site!
Thank you to all who donate their time and talents and crafts
to feed the orphans!
You guys are amazing!

Shop till you drop from the comfort of your own home!




3 thoughts on “love

  1. I have a handmade Christmas lap quilt that a friend made me to auction towards our last adoption, but I never did it. How can I send it to you to sell? It's darling!

  2. Thank you so much Jenny!! We would love to have it and turn it into food for the Orphan!!

    Here's the shipping address:

    International Voice of the Orphan
    c/o Orphan Wares
    11000 Brimhall Rd. Suite E
    Bakersfield, Ca 93312

    Bless you my friend!!

  3. Hi Linny, I have been thinking about this for some time. I make things all the time and would love to make stuff for this effort. The only thing is that it would cost more to send it from here than would make it worthwhile.
    Have you got any ideas?

    I haven't got a place to sell them here…at this point… but I have been asking the Lord about it. Last week, at a Textile Art group I run, we had a lady speak who has an online TV quilt workshop channel. She is looking for more people to contribute to the teaching. I stopped teaching in the Community College because of my health. I do love to teach people! and I was thinking I could do workshops, but I really can't cope with the travelling to get to groups…and besides, most of them do weekends. I need to be here to support my husband, Pastor in the small church we are at.
    So, this might be a way to teach without the travel. I am praying about it.
    This is a lot of rambling! But will you pray with me about this opportunity? If I taught on her online channel (subscription to access the workshops), she would want me to sell kits or patterns, which I can do. And then there would be money to help with the feeding programmes. I just need to put together a proposal and see where it goes from there.
    I still would like to make stuff for your little shop, though!
    PS you don't have to put this whole message up on the blog if you don't want. But then again, maybe someone else will have an idea which would help. 😀

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