Memorial Box Monday: He Provides

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a Memorial Box Monday.
Not because God hasn’t been working.
Not At All!!
He always is at work around each of us who love Him!
the most recent Memorial Box stories for our family have been
of the private family variety
they have been the most incredible 
things ever in our lives to date….
Before seeing the fruition of these answers,
we have had powerful times of family fasting
and seen God move in literally
unbelievable ways – 
where we have had to stand back gasping,
“God – 
truly are our Miracle-working,
Gasp-giving God!”

 One day we may share these stories, 
but for now, 
we will hold these difficult, yet precious times close to our heart 
and treasure His intimate faithfulness in our family.
But today I have a story I can share.
And I know that there are many of you
who need to be reminded…
That He is faithful.
That He is working.
That He does have our back.
That He hears our secret cries.
That He knows our needs.
So as it happened one recent day, 
I was having a passionate discussion with the Lord.
It was just Him and I.
And usually I am not a woman given to much desperation
this particular day my feelings were strong
and rather desperate.
Winter is coming.
The kids have grown.  
The needs are real.
And I shared my heart with Him
and only Him.
A day later Dw and I took an early morning bike
ride around the blocks in our neighborhood.
On the way home we decided to stop for the mail.
We had not gone to get the mail for a few days.
So standing straddling my bike I was pulling the mail
out of the box.  Overflowing with a few days worth of envelopes, 
grabbing pieces from the pile I noticed a personal envelope.
“Hmmm, something personal.”
Intrigued I had to open it right then. 
Dw asked, 
“Don’t you just want to wait till we’re home?”
“Not really.”
I am a writer and I love personal cards and letters.
They are my favorite!
As I opened the envelope, out came the sweetest card and my heart was smiling
just seeing the two hearts on the front.
I opened and read what was hand-penned inside.

Precious words.

And I saw gift cards.

My eyes began to well with tears.

Inside there was a gift card for 

The Children’s Place.

But there wasn’t just one gift card ….
There was a second one.

And a third one…

And if that wasn’t enough – 
There was a fourth one!!

Tears welling 
turned to 
tears plunking
and then to 
literal tears streaming.  
I could hardly see to ride my bike home.
The Lord had heard my very specific, yet completely silent heart cry
 and answered above 
and beyond all I could think or ask.
And of course, 
the generous person who gifted these to us didn’t even sign the card…
{mean head}

and yes, I checked…
the post mark…
They were merely pen scratches through the stamps
as though they had asked at the Post Office to just “hand scratch” them!!
So very tricky whoever you are!!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
You met a very real need and we thank the Lord for your generous heart!
PS The kids were jumping up and down.
Not kidding.  We all were blown away.
After we shop we will place the 4 gift cards in our Memorial Box.
We will remember.
He provides.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Box Monday: He Provides

  1. how good is our God! That's it so awesome! We are just a week away to hear if our daughter, Megan, gets the job she phone interviewed for, today! Good pay and benefits! God is good all the time! Hugs and thanks for sharing your great gifts!

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