We were just finishing up Bible and prayer time today when I might have overheard
one of my guys kind of whisper to one brother, “I shave my hair.”

Wide-eyed I glanced up, “You what?”

A bit embarrassed he glanced down, “I shave my hair.”

“What hair?”

“This hair.  I only cut myself here,” pointing to his shin.

“Ummmm, why did you shave your hair?”  I questioned.

Kind of smirking he pursed his lips together before saying, “I don’t like hair.”

As I’m typing this, suddenly I’m remembering 
what he prayed just minutes before he admitted 
he had shaved his leg hair and this post takes on an 
entirely different meaning.

Yes, in the midst of his earnest prayer minutes before,  I heard him
{for the first time say},
“Please don’t let me grow up fast.  I just want to grow up a little bit.”

Oh my heart.

Tears well now.

Sweet son of mine – you longed for a family for nine years.

No wonder you don’t want to grow up!

Who wants to grow up and suddenly not be our little boy?

It’s okay little one.

I’ll cradle you in my arms forever.

And yes, Love You Forever is one of my favorites!!

{Some of my grown kids think it’s really creepy…but I always cry as I read it.}

Oh bloggy friends!!

Can we even begin to imagine the longing that 
little ones have for a family?

The empty ache.

The loneliness.

The fear.

The helplessness.

The hopelessness.

He actually remembers his first family.

He remembers it all very well.

Many, little details.

Now, finally, after years in an orphanage, and hopeful waiting  – he has a family!

I have wondered how many Nehemiah’s there are in orphanages just waiting for a chance?

Growing older…hoping.  Waiting.  Wondering.

Tenderhearted, gentle, eager to please souls who just 
need someone to whisk them into their arms forever?

Oh dear, precious, longed-for son.

You’re here forever in a family that adores you and

we’ll love you forever.

And it’s okay, shave your legs if you want to!

Don’t grow up too fast!!

Play Legos.

Build elaborate ships.

Giggle and laugh with your nephew Finley.

Snuggle with Indio.

Whisper with your brothers….

You are safe.

You are so very, very, very loved.

You were desperately wanted.

And forever and ever our little boy you will be.

10 thoughts on “Nehemiah

  1. So very sad and thank the good Lord, he can be little for a little bit longer. He is adorable. I love the book….I think about it often when I think of my adult children. It could not be more true!

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