Come on In!!

This morning at our home in pictures….
And since I’ll be adding pictures throughout the day,
this will be in backwards order….
Please link in the bottom so others
can visit your home too or 
post a picture on Instagram and 
tag me in it…
Clearly, Ruby thinks her niece Everlly is quite spectacular,
and welcomed her into her wheelchair!
Ruby’s smiles and smirks say it all!

Some pumpkin muffins made and frosted to run over to our precious 
friends and neighbors Dane and Laura.
Oh how thankful I am to be living {again} in the same neighborhood!!  

Elizabeth’s working on the sweet potato casserole…

Jubilee’s singing We Believe and bobbing Ruby’s foot to the music.
{Ruby loves it!} 
Others are working, but the pictures didn’t do them justice so
we’ll try again for next round!

Last night: 

As I ready to snuggle in for the night this chilly {haha} Thanksgiving Eve it seems that I’ve had a little touch from each of my treasures…

First I had a little giggle a few minutes ago with Abigail who had phoned to ask me for an old recipe.  She’s expecting brother and family in a few hours to arrive {it will be middle of the night, they’ve encountered terrible accidents along their route}.

Autumn, Karl and Everlly have arrived and together we shared a late dinner.  Then we
Skyped for a few minutes with Emma and Little Man who are just beginning their
Thanksgiving day on the mission field.  Graham and Savannah have gone to spend
Thanksgiving in Colorado with her family.  Everyone else is tucked in and sleeping.    
Even though we are spread apart by miles and continents, we are so very grateful for the 
beauty of Skype and cell phones.  I can’t imagine without!!

I’m super excited to visit your homes again this year.  We have soooo much to be thankful for!

I will be adding pictures throughout our day as well….

But for now here is how we spent our pre-Thanksgiving day….

No doubt, over the years we’ve found that the favorite things of the kids to play with are the things that didn’t cost any money…..

Like boxes that turn into an elaborate fort…

{and no, the giant tv box is not ours but rather the box was left behind by
the previous owner!}. No doubt, they likely left it because they *knew* that it would make a darn good Thanksgiving table!!  *smile*

Their fort is centered on a Thanksgiving table – complete with flower centerpieces and “turkey”
with “all the fixins”….

Old friends from Colorado came through and I met up with them
as they said they had brought some goodies for us. 
Jerry owns a restaurant and loaded us up – 
He was totally being His hands and feet to our family!!
We have been abundantly blessed and our tummies will be so happy!
A couple of hours ago Evey arrived….
I almost forgot but her mommy and daddy were with her as well….
and it appears that Miss Everlly thinks that being at Mimi’s is a-ok!

I’ll add more pictures over the day….but please link below to invite bloggy friends {and me!} to come visit…whether it’s a picture of your front door wreath, your home, your family or you and others gathered around a Thanksgiving table!  If you do not have a blog, please Instagram a picture and hashtag it #aplacecalledsimplicity  .  I can be found on Instagram at APlaceCalledSimplicity.

So please link below…..I can’t wait to visit your homes agin… or instagram a picture of your day or eve…and remember to hashtage  #aplacecalledsimplicity

Off to sleep…..xoxo

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