A Thanksgiving Invitation….

Does anyone remember me mentioning that next to Mother’s Day, 

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday celebration? 
There is something about the lingering together that makes for 
warm memories that delight the soul for years to come.
These last few weeks I have been pondering
different Thanksgivings and the joy we’ve shared 
over the years…
Two years ago stands out as it was
Emma’s last one home.
Such precious memories…
wonderful giggles, football in the neighborhood park,
one mighty big bird, festive food, 
Ruby lifting her head for the first time{!}
sitting around the fire pit at night,
precious friends joining us for the week-end…


Being an enormous softy for Thanksgiving, 
I was wondering if my bloggy friends would want to play a 
little game with me, just like last year?
And last year we even accommodated those who 
don’t have blogs…
and I know many of you don’t have blogs, and so this is what
 we did last year – 
If you have a blog, even if you haven’t posted in forever…

Would you be willing to link to our Place Called Simplicity, 
so we could stop over 
and ‘visit’ this Thanksgiving?  It was absolutely delightful 
to see your day last year…so this year….post your 
Thanksgiving celebration or preparations or friends and
 family visiting or your front door or some part of your day?
No doubt, it would be a way of saying, 
“Here’s some of the things I’m thankful for…”  
You don’t even have to write on the post…
just post a single picture or a steady stream of pictures…
I will be posting pictures of our special day in 
our new home with Autumn, Karl and Everlly here!
Now, what if you don’t have a blog?  
Many have Instagram these days…and you can post a picture 
and just be sure to tag #APlaceCalledSimplicity on your photo you post…

I am so excited…I cannot wait to stop in and have a peek at 
your day in one way or another…truly, even the picture at the top of 
this post just makes my heart say, “Ahhhhh”….how about yours?
I will have the post up just after midnight with the linking 
capabilities like when we do Memorial Box Monday…

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