Ferguson, Missouri

I made a little deal with myself.  {Does anyone else ever do this?}  I decided that I would not work on a blog post {favorite thing to do} until I had found something I had been searching for for weeks.  I had absolutely no clue where it was before the move, let alone where it was since the move and there are “paperwork boxes” galore left to unpack.

But God in His gracious nature, led me to what I needed and I continued to clear through some paperwork and now I have the privilege of doing a bit of writing.

Today much of the United States is waiting for the Grand Jury to speak regarding the Ferguson, Missouri situation.  I keep refreshing my laptop news screen.  My stomach feels like throwing up each time I do.   You too?

Please join me in praying for the citizens, the clergy, the police officers and the government officials of Ferguson.

No one wins, no matter the outcome and no doubt, there is much at stake.

More than we can begin to imagine or grasp.

Please Lord, come and heal our broken land.

The LORD hears his people when

they call to him for help….
Psalm 34:17a

One thought on “Ferguson, Missouri

  1. My sister in law and her family live in Hazelwood, which is a community very close to Ferguson. Her husband, who is a teacher for the Hazelwood School District and daughter (1st grade) received a phone call this evening that school would be closed tomorrow due to the fear of what would happen in Ferguson. She then posted how difficult it was to explain to her 7 year old WHY there was no school tomorrow. She did her best, but my sweet niece with child like faith, does not understand.

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