Log Cabin Living: Another Favorite Meal – B & R

I am loving sharing some of our Log Cabin Living
ideas with my bloggy friends.
Just to recap what it is though, in case you missed it…
In my heart of hearts, pre-Ruby, I have always 
longed to move to a remote area 
{with the desert weather!} 
where we could enjoy Log Cabin Living 
as a sweet, large family.  
I am so grateful that I had the privilege of living in our little log home
before we lost it in the fire. 

No doubt, with Ruby’s fragile health, this is not in the realm of
possibility unless the Lord totally heals her – 
which is, of course, totally possible!

So in this season, we embrace our wonderful home in Phoenix, 
with close proximity to Phoenix Children’s Hospital 
while we enjoy the gorgeous Phoenix 
weather and all the beautiful perks of big city living!!

The series will be an on-going and I will share our version of 
large family living, on a very limited budget while practicing Simplicity.  
We graciously invite you to journey with us.  

I have had so many requests for recipes that we enjoy
as a large family on a limited budget. 
Here’s another favorite, yet simple and inexpensive 
meal from our home to yours.

Beans and Rice

Yes, beans and rice.
Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it,
but please try it with an open heart!
Here’s what we do:
1.  Sift through beans for small rocks.
I have found some on occasion,
so please don’t skip this step
{unless you’re married to a dentist}.
2.  Rinse beans.
3.  Place sorted and rinsed beans in crock pot
and fill with water to at least 2″ above beans.
4.  Soak overnight.
5.  In the morning, sauté an onion and stir into beans. 
6.   Cook on low for at least two days,
stirring often. 
7.  Serve over steamed rice.
We love Basmati.
We eat this often and truly is one of our favorites.

We also use the now cooked beans for another 
favorite meal of ours – 
which I am planning on sharing next. 

Food for Thought:
I have had people tell me over the years that their spouse or children 
“would never stand for that for dinner” 
when I have shared some of our meals.

For our family, over the years the way we eat has been a journey.

A long journey.  

Yet a very purposeful, intentional journey. 

Bringing treasures home from places where food was sparse, 
has given us all a renewed thankfulness for all that we do have.
Most of our treasures remember well their stomachs gnawing from
 hunger.  One remembers ‘chewing’ on rocks to ease the hunger.
Food is a necessity, however, what and how much we eat is 
not a ‘right’.  We have the privilege of living in one of the wealthiest
nations in the world.   Our simple meal of Beans and Rice
would be a feast in most countries.  

We have to remember that!

We actually don’t “deserve” anything.  

All we have is because God has graciously given to us out of His
abundance.  But He didn’t give us in overflowing for us to hoard and indulge
on ourselves, but rather to share generously!!

Our joy is to live in Simplicity, prayerfully honoring Him and 
thus enabling us to share more of our resources with others.  

It’s that Simple.  

4 thoughts on “Log Cabin Living: Another Favorite Meal – B & R

  1. Many places in the world have rice and beans every day. I still remember helping the cook sort the beans to get rocks out when I was in Brazil as a teen. I think I will have to make this! Not sure my wonderful husband will cope with the smell of cooking 2 days though. He will eat anything I serve (even bravely have a go at things which get burned!) But he never has been good at cooking smells. Others would say, Oh that smells good! and he opens as many windows and doors as he can! But, we can try with tinned beans.
    Sandy in the UK

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