Please, Would You Be Willing to Help?

Let me introduce you to…
Penelope, Spencer, Landon, Eli, Preston, Grace and Adaline
Recently I received a precious and very passionate email from their mommy, Jessica.  
She had a question and wondered if I would help them with something.
Well, I readily admit that the minute I began to read her email I felt the Lord 
very clearly tugging my heart.  
So as I wrote Jessica back I had one question, 
Do you guys consistently tithe?
When she responded with a hearty “yes” 
and said they had since they married
and it’s the first check they write when her husband gets paid,
I then asked her if we could talk on the phone and to 
please call when she was able.  
A couple of hours later she phoned.
We had a great conversation
as I explained that in over 2,200 blog posts
I had never, ever done what she was asking me to do,
I was very clearly hearing the Lord say, 
“You need to do this.”
So here I am friends, being obedient to what the Lord has asked me to do.

Let me introduce you to sweet 
precious little 

Jessica and her husband Jeremy have said “yes” over and over and over 
and over and over and over and over 
to the Lord when He was nudging them to bring home
And even with what many would deem a houseful, 
they eagerly said “Yes” yet again and again to bring home Esther and Vivienne….
because they know what a privilege it is 
and they are passionate about living a life that 
honors God’s heart.
Jeremy works THREE jobs because of their commitment to live loudly
God’s heart for the orphans…
They have sold all they can and been working so hard
but they are still in need of the funds to bring
Esther and Vivienne home.
The news station in their area of Northern Virginia 
actually came out and did a story and news story which aired
 on their family.
It can be seen here:
As I watched their family’s video my eyes welled with tears.
Their family is the real deal.  Their treasures are precious.
Jeremy and Jessica have chosen a road that most don’t travel
the beauty of their lovingly gathered family is priceless.
So here’s my challenge….
Would you be willing to help Jeremy and Jessica and
their family bring 
home Vivienne and Esther?
So many times I have heard people say,
“I can’t adopt.”  
And no doubt, many are unable….
But can’t we who aren’t currently adopting 
or are unable to adopt help those who are
bring home some treasures at this moment?
Couldn’t we have a part in helping Esther and Vivienne come home?
Wouldn’t it be amazing to for Jeremy and Jessica to 
lay their head down at night and know that God had met the 
need through hundreds of bloggy friends around the world?
Can we even imagine how amazing if Jeremy didn’t have to work three jobs 
to help fund the bringing home of their latest treasures?
Our God meets the needs of others 
most often through us.

Although God could do anything
and literally drop a money tree in Jeremy 
and Jessica’s front yard, for some reason,
He seems to thoroughly enjoy us helping each other.
Maybe it’s because He wants us to be community.
Maybe because He loves when we work together.
I know as a parent there is nothing more fun
then seeing my kids love each other –
both the big ones and the littles.
We are His hands and His feet.  

We get to!

I don’t have a fancy giveaway to entice people to give
just a heartfelt call
with a promise that the rewards for helping
will be “out of this world”.
Would you help Jeremy and Jessica bring sweet Esther and Vivienne home?
We have been praying as I put this plea out there.
Here is the link to their fundraiser page
This is post number 2,215 for this silver-haired chica 
and I’ve never once asked for my bloggy 
friends to specifically help one family bring treasures home
but the time is now and I am excited at what God is going to do.

Would you be willing to ask the Lord if you should help?

2 thoughts on “Please, Would You Be Willing to Help?

  1. We travelled with this sweet family when they brought home Eli ( and we brought home our Ellie). I remember so vividly Eli playing outside when our bus pulled up to the a Civil Affiars office and their family being so excited to see him.

  2. Thank you for sharing the story of Esther and Vivienne so we can be a part of bringing those two precious littles girls home to their waiting family. Linny, you are the best!! I don't think I have commented since the days when we were a part of Karl's round the clock praying. I will never forget those days and nights. Karl is a beautiful miracle. God is so good!! Even though I don't post, my prayers never cease. I have cried and prayed over Emma and her children, and you and your family. God loves you, and so do I :)))

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