The “Project” I’ve Been Busy With

                       Although your story will likely not look exactly like ours, 
I share ours because I firmly believe that we, as the body of Christ, are called to live 
outrageously and by our reckless love for Christ, encourage others that they, too,
can make a difference by living “outside the box”.
Our journey to Simplicity began many years ago, 
actually, I just realized the journey began in 
the fall of 1988 {26 years ago!}, 
 when we intentionally began to Simplify our lives
and live in Simplicity with only one purpose in mind:
Do all we could to serve the Lord,
no matter the “cost” by giving of our time,
talents and resources.
In doing so we would strive to stay out of all debt
get out of mortgage debt as quickly as possible,
so that we could do easily and instantaneously all that
the Lord called us to do.
That journey became an adventure!
We had no idea what it would look like.
All we said was, 
“Here we are.  
The good, the bad and the ugly.
Our lives, our comforts, our money,
it’s all yours.
We’re willing to do anything.
Please just use us.” 
And what an adventure it has been!!
We immediately sold our brand new, just built {6 months before}, semi-custom
home and bought a dilapidated relic with solid bones out of our 
proceeds from the sale of our new home. 

We were determined not to have any mortgage debt
ever again, if we could help it!
We reasoned, 
“Just imagine how much more we 
can accomplish for Him without mortgage debt!”
I’ll save all the beautiful details of God’s miraculous provision
over the last 26 years for a book I’ve been writing in my head for ages,
but suffice it to say, we have had an amazing adventure,
not necessarily easy, but so fulfilling and rewarding!
when I was in Africa a couple of weeks ago, you may recall reading this post:
 I eluded to a Crazy Dream we had lived out twice in the 
past and I felt like it was time to dream again – 
that same crazy dream!!
I was over-the-moon excited at the possibility and couldn’t wait for Dw to wake up.
When I actually talked to Dw about it via Skype,
he loved the idea!!
So what was that crazy dream?

Simply this…
Sell our current home and buy a less expensive one
enabling proceeds to be used to do something crazy-fun…
{we had bought our home as a short sale, have put quite a 
bit of sweat into it and with the current housing market
here in Phoenix we can sell it for a profit}
like oh, maybe, just perhaps, help build a home for orphans…
Twice before we have intentionally sold/moved to a different home
enabling the proceeds to serve the orphans.
Why would we do that?
Why not?  
It’s a tedious, yet practical way to be His Hands and His feet.
Is moving hard?
Of course!
But the smile on our faces,  the joy in our hearts and the peace in our souls??
Whooooa Nellie – too glorious for words!
So while in Africa we were praying….
and this story is definitely a Memorial Box story that just might
be better than most others of ours…
We had ONE prayer:
“God please make this story, one that only You could write….
please allow the story to bring glory to You and You alone – 
creating a story that at every.single.step. we see Your
direct involvement and powerful display of Your provision….
And boy-oh-boy-oh-boy has He answered
wildly above and completely beyond all we could think or ask!!
I will share the story one day….

but for now, I’m off to pack.

Two weeks ago today I landed.

Last week we signed papers.

Yesterday we had the home inspection where
we are buying…
All the while, 
God has been at work in total God-ordained fashion
showing us, once again, that He is our  
Gasp-giving God!

We just have the enormous privilege 
of being along for the ride.  
I was telling my friend Audre over the week-end the story
and her mouth kept dropping open…
Yes, it’s *that* good.
Then last night I was telling my friend Candis
and she kept giggling,  “Wow.  Wow.  Wow!!” 
So my project over the week-end was packing
and purging and packing some more…
  because we’re moving this Saturday!!


What a wild and crazy adventure we are on!

Life just keeps getting better and better.

And He gets all the glory!!

8 thoughts on “The “Project” I’ve Been Busy With

  1. Oh! And My! Wow, I can't wait for it to show up in pictures. Well, I can pray for you to have the strength for all the extra. and that the precious treasures won't get anxious about the changes.
    Great big jumping around hugs and high fives to you all!
    Sandy in the UK
    in case you haven't worked that out yet! LOL

    1. Dw, Ruby and I were going for our brisk morning walk two days ago and I was literally jumping up and down. God has been so good…it's been a long season…and it seems that it is breaking! Thank you for the "jumping with us stuff" and sharing our joy!

    1. Ha-ha! Your comment made me well with tears. Miss you. Come visit someday, will ya? We're not *that* far away! And your husband was supposed to teach us to Geocache long before you two were even official! Love you! xoxo

    1. Hi Kristina, You are so kind to volunteer. I didn't see your comment until we were moved. I don't get comments on my phone, and my computer was broken!! Thank you for being so generous to offer to help! We could have used your help too! Bless you!

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